Kmart Christmas decoration exhibit sparks debate


Each year, this is the question that causes a huge division – with a store display in the discount department store adding to the confusion.

It’s a question that always creates a huge division among people: How long is too early to put up your Christmas decorations?

If you were to leave the Christmas displays at Kmart, from now on, any time seems to be perfectly appropriate, with the festive range of the discount department store having hit shelves last month.

Posting in the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group, a woman asked, “Wondering when everyone starts putting up Christmas decor?

His question elicited over 500 responses, with buyers differing greatly as to when they started decorating their homes for Christmas.

Some said they are “putting it in now,” arguing that as soon as you bought your Christmas decorations for the year it was a fair game and many stores already had party supplies available.

“As soon as the -ber months are over, mine are over,” one person wrote.

“We don’t decorate for other occasions before Christmas. I don’t see the point in just mounting them the first and taking them apart after the 26th (December), but each in their own way.

“It’s the HOLIDAY SEASON, and a season is three months, so I’m saying October, November and December have to be as Christmas as it gets!” another argued.

“Yesterday,” one person commented. “It just arrived in the mail.”

Others said they were decorating earlier this year as a way of saying ‘get drunk’ with coronavirus.

“I bring joy and joy early on,” commented one buyer. “No regrets having already planted a tree.”

Others have said that in early November or the first weekend after Halloween, it was when they brought out their trees.

“I like to decorate for Halloween first or for healing… then I put Christmas on the following weekend,” one said.

“November 1st because I can’t help myself and refuse to accept the idea that Christmas decorations only last a month,” commented another.

Some have argued that it should “at least wait until December” or that it was “bad luck to put it in place earlier” than December 1.

But a privileged few even went so far as to have Christmas decorations for only a few days, with one woman admitting she doesn’t like “clutter.”

“I would love to set it up on Christmas Eve and take them apart on Boxing Day!” She admitted. “But my family calls me the Grinch so I usually do it the second week of December, but always Boxing Day lol.”

“Put on Christmas Eve, take it off Boxing Day or after New Years Day,” commented another. “Not in Christmas.”

When should you install the Christmas decorations?

As you can probably guess, there isn’t much of a consensus on when you should put up your Christmas decorations.

Most Christian traditions dictate that the tree should go up on Advent Sunday, which is the fourth Sunday before Christmas and usually falls in late November.

Other people argue that it should increase 12 days before December 25 and be removed 12 days after.

Whatever you decide, a study found that having Christmas decorations can make you appear more sociable in the eyes of others.

There are health benefits too, according to psychologist Deborah Serani in the United States Todayin 2017, that putting on decorations can trigger the dopamine hormone through bright colors, lights and happy memories of the past.

“It creates this neurological change that can produce happiness,” she said.

“I think anything that takes us out of our normal habituation, out of the normal day, day in and day out… signals our senses, and then our senses measure whether it’s pleasurable or not.”


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