Kris Jenner spent $150,000 on Christmas gifts for her kids


Kris Jenner shamed Santa last Christmas. The self-proclaimed mom bought Moke electric golf carts for each of her six children, which reportedly cost her around $150,000.

The lavish gifts were revealed on an Instagram Story posted by Kim Kardashian on Monday. “Oh my! Look at our Christmas presents from my mom,” she said in the video, while riding through a line of golf carts. “How cool!”

Jenner clearly knows her kids well, as she has customized each cart to their individual styles. Kim and Khloe got cars in different shades of pink, while Kylie, Kendall and Rob got yellow, orange and baby blue rides.

Christmas gifts from Kris Jenner

(Image credit: Instagram/@KimKardashian)

As for Kourt? “It has to be Kourtney and Travis, of course,” Kim said in her video, while pointing to a white car with a skull on it.

Christmas gifts from Kris Jenner

(Image credit: Instagram/@KimKardashian)

According to the Moke America website, a standard eMoke golf cart costs $20,795, with custom rims ranging from $495 to $695. Adding benches to carts (which the video shows) costs an extra $1,595.

We can probably assume that Kris upgraded the rides even further with high-performance chargers ($895) and Bluetooth stereos ($500), which would bring the cost of each golf cart to around $24,280. Multiply that by six for each child, and it comes to $145,860.

Additionally, we can see that the license plates are emblazoned with the word “West Coast Customs” – a Burbank-based auto shop that focuses on customizations. That means Kris likely added even more loot to the cars, which would have brought his grand total to around $150,000.

That’s probably about what you spent on gifts this year, right?

It’s unclear if the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan spent Christmas together this year, but Kim shared a gallery on Instagram that showed her with Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and her grandmother, MJ. We can only assume that Rob and the Jenner girls came running when they heard about the gifts waiting for them in the aisle.


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