LaGrange native delivers Christmas gifts to children of 29-year-old murder victim


LaGRANGE, Georgia (WRBL) – LaGrange native Anthony Talley is getting into the Christmas spirit this week by giving Akeila Ware’s five children Christmas gifts for their first Christmas without their mother. Ware was allegedly murdered by the father of her unborn child, Alonzo Dargan Jr., on October 5, 2021.

“I just hope they don’t allow it to sadden them at this time of the season because I mean that’s when the kids are supposed to be full of life, happy and we don’t want them to be sitting depressed. I know it’s hard because they don’t have their mother anymore, but I just pray that it warms them inside, gives them that bit of joy that kids need at this time of the year,” said Talley.

Talley hosts a program every Thursday called $1 Thursdays where he raises money for different causes and donates the funds entirely to the chosen cause of the week. He started collecting money for gifts to be given to Ware’s children in early November and raised $320. The rest of the presents he wanted to buy, he paid for himself.

Children will receive gifts like basketballs, soccer balls, board games, dolls and more. Although he doesn’t know Ware, Talley said the cause touched him because he had two children and wanted to make sure Ware’s children would feel the same joy his children would feel at Christmas.

He also donated $2,200 to Ware’s family when she died in October under the same program.

“It happens every time I get down to doing something that the community supports and it takes off,” Talley said.

He said he intended to keep in touch with the family and would contact them periodically to see if they could help in any way.


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