Lindsay continues annual Christmas gifts for Windsor Park children


Alric Lindsay, a former accountant and former lawyer who grew up in Windsor Park, said he was continuing his annual Christmas giveaway for children in Windsor Park at 4pm today (Sunday).

Loop Cayman caught up with Lindsay to find out more about why he’s hosting the event and why he wants to stay involved in the community.

Lindsay said:

Because I grew up in Windsor Park, I knew what it was like for some friends who didn’t receive gifts on occasions that some of us would generally consider the norm for receiving gifts. Once I started to get older, I realized how hard it was for some parents – they just didn’t have a lot of money set aside to celebrate every occasion that came their way or to buy a present. to their children for each event. Instead, bills and other issues were priorities for parents.

Understanding that this ordeal exists for some parents, I decided to obtain donations for a first annual Christmas present for the children of Windsor Park. The first were supported by PriceWaterhouse Coopers Cayman Islands and other private donors who wanted to help the Windsor Park community.

Today’s event, however, is entirely sponsored by me.

Lindsay said that normally there would have been a variety of activities for the kids, including face painting and a bouncy castle. Additionally, he shared that during the last event, there were also snow cones, cotton candy, and sandwiches available.

However, due to concerns about the Omicron variant and community spread, Lindsay decided to scale down the event to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to children.

Since large gatherings should be avoided, Lindsay said her team of volunteers decided it was best for Windsor Park to be used as a central collection point, where children could receive their gifts quickly and go home. them safely to open their Christmas surprise. .

As part of the gift drive today at 4pm, parents of children at Windsor Park are asked to ensure that parents and children wear face masks at Windsor Park.

As for the length of the event, a member of Lindsay’s volunteer team said the giveaway could last around two hours, with kids walking back and forth in their masks the whole time. The team member, however, said that the event could end earlier if the giveaways end before the allotted time.

Lindsay says he hopes the gesture brings joy to the children of Windsor Park this Christmas, who have been through a difficult time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recall: wear masks at the gift collection event.


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