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Yes TThe Christmas decoration contest is alive and well for 2020 on Marco Island!

Padjudication of the twos and companies will take place on the nights of December 14th to 15th, and 16. Final judgment of the lodge The top ten finalists will perform with the the judges visit on Friday, December 18.

Even if COVID-19 issues caused the cancellation or modification of several Christmas events, the Maison Décoration the festivities lend themselves well to social distancing. Because homes and businesses are decorated by families and individuals, the decoration and visualization phases of the competition can be carried out easily and safely COVID-19[female[feminine protocol.

This will be the 27th annual Christmas home decorating competition and 15th Annual Christmas Corporate Decorating Contest. The decoration competitions are sponsored by LCEC for the 27e consecutive year. A committee of 30 dedicationted community-concerned citizens Makes all that Happen.

This year, the Preliminary Judgment will take place in December 14, 15 and 16, Between 6.30 p.m. – 10.30 p.m. every evening. Property and business owners are educatedted to have their lights on all Three nights at to assure that the judges can see all the properties.

The final judgment is scheduled for Friday, December 18 6.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. PM. Iberia Bank is a sponsor of final judge Event and provides the IBERIABANK SPIRIT AWARD, a $ 100 Lowe’s gift certificate for the winner of the home decorating competition.

All owners of the Top 10 Homes receive a plaque. Tthe big winner receives the coveted court sign, winner’s plaque, the IberiaBank Certified gift and a Traveler trophy to keep for a year by the winners of the House Contest, then moved on to the next yearwinner of s.

Companies are judged on their exterior decorations visible to the public. The winner receives a plaque and court sign to December 19 at a time that suits the business the owners. A separate team of judges will seen and judge businesses during the preliminary judgment dates. The business competition is led by co-chair Kristina Lambros and Marc Creach. For the Business Competition, it is appreciated that businesses do notnotify Kristina Lambros at [email protected] with the name and address of the company so that no company is overlooked.

Previous winners home and business contests display their garden sign every year and keep decorating in the spirit of the season. The top 10 candidates and “must see” addresses are provided to the media thus, families can visit and enjoy the beauty and originality of the decorated homes and businesses throughout the holiday season.

There was more 1,474 accomodations decorated in 2019.

Teams of judges assess every house on every street in Marco. Winners are not eligible to win again for a 5-period of one year.

The Marco Island Christmas Home & Business Decor Committee members and jthe contest judges are: Co-chair Dave and Jeanne Rice, Bob Boland and Lyn Bedell, Californiarla and Mike Mickes, Larry and Judy Sacher, Debbie and MArty Roddy, Ken and Diane Honecker, Jerry Swacki and Linda Turner, Chard Mcgilvray, Steven Josselyn, Keith and Barbara Dameron, Sand Dauch, Kristina Lambros, Marc Creach, Jacky Strategists, Richard Droste, Bruce RRobertson, Marie Vertin, Betty Newman and Russ Simmons, Michel Wick and Lauri Kalanges.

President Dave Rice declares, “Most are long-experienced permanent members of the committee with an unmatched passion for serving Marco Island. They, with the many home and bbusiness owners who participate are what make the event the success it is.

The whole committee is watchings in the 2020 competition and let’s hopes participation levels skyrocket in a suitable year so good to be a fun and safe activity for participants and viewers.

Rice can be contacted by email at or by cell at 239-250-2175.


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