Meet the mom who puts up her Christmas decorations in October



Meet the mom of four who carried on the family tradition of putting up her Christmas decorations in October.

With just 78 days to Christmas, Tracey Geach got a head start and decorated her home from head to toe with festive decorations.

She appeared on Channel 4 today (October 8) to show viewers of Steph’s Packed Lunch her fully decorated Christmas cave.

The 34-year-old spoke to presenter Steph McGovern via a live link and dressed in a full elf costume alongside her mother Mandy in an angel outfit.

Speaking live from Cornwall, Tracey said: “It started with my mom, she did it when we were all really young. She did both roles, she did a really good job.

“I carried on the tradition with my children and love every moment of it. “

Her mother Mandy said she believed that as a single parent she “had to make this extra special” for her growing children and since then the family tradition has continued.

Tracey and her mom Mandy were on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch on Friday October 8

Tracey starts decorating her house in late September or early October most years, but has admitted it all happens on Boxing Day.

She took viewers of the Channel 4 daytime show to visit her party house.

This year, his living room was fitted with an 8 foot tree decorated in a purple theme and has 200 balls and 5 sets of lights.

The family recycles much of their produce and used paper plates and cups to create a nursery.

They also had a reindeer made from wooden spoons.

The house is also home to four other trees throughout the house and one is filled with white and red decorations as they are big Arsenal fans.

Steph asked what kind of reaction they had to having the decorations so early.

Tracey replied, “It’s very divided, you have your positives and negatives. But on the negative side, you are all cranky.

“You have to live and let live, you have to be happy. We don’t hurt anyone, we are happy.

Responding to whether that takes away the magic of the season and if she’s sick of having them, Tracey explained, “No I think that adds [to the magic]. If the kids ever said they were fed up I would quit but they love it.

“They’re the ones cheering me on… they’re really excited.”

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