Midwest City Home goes all out for Christmas decorations


When Santa Claus comes to Midwest City this year, he will be at home in the Kennedy House.

Every Christmas is an exciting time for the Kennedys.

“Normally I used to wait until after Thanksgiving, but now it’s maybe a week or two before,” Mistie said.

The initial setup takes about three days, then there are the adjustments

“Then I just fix things. Three days of taking it all apart so I could put the Christmas stuff together,” Mistie said.

There is no trial and error here, everything has its place.

“I think I’ve found the perfect place for everything, so I’m going to look at photos from last year and try to put everything back the way I like it,” Mistie said.

Every room in the house is decorated for Christmas, including the kitchen and the bathrooms.

“We have four big theme trees, and then we have five smaller trees,” Mistie said.

Theme trees are the traditional tree, the legacy tree, which is made up of things they made and their children made. Then there’s the tree with family photos on it, and then there’s the police tree since Jerry is a retired Midwest City police officer.

There are also Santas everywhere.

“We had a counting game the other day with the grandkids, and I don’t know how many pictures, but in the whole house we have 62 Santas,” Mistie said.

Of all the decorations, Mistie and Jerry have their favorites

“The Christmas village, I don’t know why, I think it’s just cool, it reminds me of when I was a kid, going downtown to old buildings and stuff,” Jerry said.

” The Nativity. He bought me the silver crib, probably nineteen years ago. And then there’s the nursery my parents bought me when I was born,” says Mistie.

Although they’ve been decorating for years, having grandkids renews the excitement for the season.

The couple’s two-year-old granddaughter has been kept out of the house until all the decorations are in place and perfect.

“She goes oh wow. Mema did you do this for me? So it’s worth it,” Mistie said.

Each year the decorations get bigger, and while the couple insists the decorations are for the kids, they obviously get a lot of joy out of it.


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