Mom already has Christmas decorations in September – and 5,000 lights


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A mom put up her Christmas decorations even before the end of the first week of September.

Almost four months earlier, Caroline Gabe installed 8-foot inflatable figures in the front garden, while her house is adorned with 5,000 lights.

The mum-of-three opted to party in September last year and decorated the front of her house to boost morale ahead of last Christmas.

She bought her vast collection of decorations by protecting herself because her six-year-old son Theo suffers from severe asthma, Wales Online reports.

The front of the house was adorned with 3,000 fairy lights, sparkling snow, an 8-foot inflatable snowman, as well as Santa and his reindeer.

This year, she did the same again – but aimed to beat her previous decorations with more lights and decorations than before.

Caroline from Caewern, Port Talbot, Wales She says she loves it so much that she will do the same every year.

She said: “Loved the reaction we had last time around – so this year I got bigger.

“I added more inflatables and almost two thousand more lights.

“It makes me and my kids happy and it brightens up the neighborhood – we get a lot of people coming to see the house.

“I will never get tired of Christmas – it’s my favorite time of year.

“I think it will become a routine for us every year now!”

After seeing how much last year’s decorations brightened up her three sons Jack, 23, Harry, 13 and Theo, and her neighbors, she aimed to surpass last year’s one in September.

Last week (4) Caroline embarked on a 12 hour mission to decorate the house with nearly 5,000 warm white lights as well as even more giant inflatables.

These include an 8ft inflatable gingerbread man, penguin, Christmas tree, snowman, and reindeer.

Caroline estimated that she had spent over £ 1,000 on the extensive collection of decorations.

She said: “As a family we all love Christmas.

“It’s just light and bright and a great way to boost people’s morale.

“It made a lot of people smile – people slowed down their cars as they passed, stopped to take pictures, and texted me on Facebook to compliment the house.

“You drive a strange car past and you see them shaking their heads, but I laugh.

“It just makes me want to put on more and more!

“I will definitely continue to do this every year now.”


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