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Caroline Gabe, 47, wanted to boost morale in her neighborhood with Covid rates on the rise again and fears of further confinement. So she and her sons; Jack, 23, Harry, 13 and Theo, 6 covered his house with festive decorations and turned on thousands of lights.

The decorations include several 8-foot inflatables, such as two Santas, a giant tree, and a huge reindeer, and Caroline says she loves it so much that she will do the same every year.

But people said online they felt September was far too early to put up Christmas decorations, even during a pandemic.

Talk to Devon Live, Caroline, mom of three, said: “I will never get tired of Christmas – it’s my favorite time of year.

“I think it will become a routine for us every year now.

“It makes me and my kids happy, and it brightens the neighborhood – we get a lot of people coming to see the house.”

Caroline and her children, who live in Port Talbot, South Wales, spent 12 hours turning their home into a winter cave – despite temperatures reaching 30C this week.

She spent over £ 1,000 on the extensive collection of decorations.

But online, some people said the decision was baffling.

“Far too early, not even Halloween yet,” one comment read.

“Far too early, it’s only September,” another woman shared on Facebook.

A third user wrote: “Anything before December is too early.”

However, Caroline has also received support online.

A Facebook user posted: “With all the terrible things happening in the world, does it really matter? Good with her, something to be happy about and that everyone can enjoy. “

Another shared: “Go ahead, my daughter. “

One man said, “I think it’s a very good thing to do.

And Caroline, who lost her cousin Julie to cancer, agrees with her fans.

It made a lot of people smile – people slowed down their cars as they passed, stopped to take pictures and messaged me on Facebook to compliment the house, ”she said.


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