Mom uses Apple AirTags to find stolen Christmas decorations


A real Grinch, who tried to steal Christmas, was robbed of his holiday fun thanks to Apple AirTags.

Texas mother Nyssa Galvan led police to Yuletide thieves who stole an army of inflatable Christmas decorations from her lawn by tracking the items with her Bluetooth locators.

“We put trackers on our inflatables,” Galvan, 29, said in his trending TikTok clip, which had more than 8.2 million views in two days.

“Putting these bad boys on my Christmas inflatables because my neighbor’s got stolen this weekend,” she added of the captioned $29 device.

In the viral video, Galvan claims his trio of oversized bouncy balls – featuring a larger than life inflated Grinch, his dog Max and an ornate Christmas tree – were nabbed at 2am on Tuesday.

She even shared home surveillance footage proving the puffy decorations had mysteriously disappeared from her property in the wee hours of the morning.

But, the Dirty-Paged Grinch didn’t go far with Galvan’s exterior adornments.

Using the AirTags, which were linked to the “Find My” app on her smartphone, Galvan tracked down her missing ornaments, tracing them to a nearby residence.

Galvan used Apple AirTags to locate his stolen decorations from a nearby house.
Courtesy of @latoxicanys

“We went to the trackers address and called the cops,” the digital sleuth wrote in her TikTok.

However, despite finding his inflatables alongside a host of other presumably stolen Christmas gadgets, Galvan said law enforcement was unable to recover the goods.

“[The residents] didn’t answer their door then [the police] couldn’t just kick down their door,” she explained in the comments section of her post.

TikTok commenters suggested that Galvan steal his items from the original Christmas bandits.
TikTok commenters suggested that Galvan steal his items from the original Christmas bandits.
Courtesy of @latoxicanys

Commentators have urged Galvan to take the law into his own hands, advising, “Steal them bro. What are they going to do, call the cops?” and saying “I would have stabbed all those inflatables lmao nobody likes my stuff.”

But, without having to commit a Christmas crime, Galvan revealed that she was finally able to restore her holly-jolly jewelry to its rightful home the next day.

“The Grinch returns,” she captioned an update clip on Wednesday. “Put trackers on your inflatables.”


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