Mom who participates in 15,000 contests per year wins all her Christmas gifts for free


Geri Gregg says she saved between £ 1,000 and £ 2,000 over the holiday season by entering contests to win freebies and snacks that she would otherwise have had to fork out for

Geri Gregg started competing when she got pregnant with her son George

A bargain hunter who participates in over 15,000 contests a year hasn’t spent a single penny on Christmas presents this year, because she wins them all for free.

Geri Gregg, 22, who lives in Chester, started competing to save money when she got pregnant with her son George, 3.

But after becoming “obsessed” with winning, the lucky mom continued her new hobby after giving birth and can now compete in hundreds of competitions in one day.

Some of its main prizes include a £ 200 Tesco gift card, a Budweiser fridge and a Bosch coffee machine.

The funniest and most unusual prizes were menopause pills when Geri was pregnant and a year-long supply of Zoflora.

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Some of the freebies Geri won through contests


Geri Gregg)

By saving a few wins for Christmas, Geri estimates that she also saved between £ 1,000 and £ 2,000 on gifts and food that she would have spent during the holiday season.

Gregg, who sells vintage clothing online as vintagefashionwears, said : “I had the idea of ​​entering contests specifically to save money when I got pregnant.

“I was living at home and wanted to help get some baby pieces and stuff for our new apartment. Then after my pregnancy I continued to do it and saved a lot of prizes for Christmas gifts.

“It helped with the stress of Christmas, especially since the prizes are delivered right to your door.”

One of his favorite prizes was a Bosch coffee machine


Geri Gregg)

She added: “December is the holy grail of competitions. They are known as Avents, where many companies run big campaigns with 12 or 24 days of freebies.

Geri said her favorite prize to win for Christmas presents is the baskets, as they offer a wide range of prizes.

But she says some people have called her “cheap or stingy.”

“It’s a fun challenge that I love to challenge myself, and my family always ask me what I won recently, so that makes life interesting,” she said.

Geri monitors contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, as well as in magazines, books.

Geri started competing when she got pregnant


Geri Gregg)

Some also require prior purchase, which means you’ll need to keep a receipt.

Others will ask you to text, so keep an eye out for additional charges.

Geri says she uses ThePrizeFinder website to find her entry contests on the web.

She said: “I prefer the social media ones because they are free to enter but can result in a ban if you enter a lot very quickly.

“There are many dedicated Facebook writing groups, and a lot of information on how to get started is readily available online and on YouTube.

“I recommend that people be aware of the details they are giving, because unfortunately there are a lot of scams surrounding this competitive masquerade.”

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