Mum of Four sets up Christmas decorations in OCTOBER – including 8 foot tree


Cornwall’s Tracey Geach wasted no time getting into the festive spirit from the start as she spent over five hours transforming her home into a silver winter wonderland for her family

Tracey Geach has already installed her Christmas decorations this year as her children love to get into the festive spirit

A mom has already installed all of her Christmas decorations, including an eight-foot tree that needs six sets of lights.

With over 80 days to go to Christmas, Tracey Geach wasted no time getting into the holiday spirit early.

The mom of four spent more than five hours transforming her home into a winter wonderland.

Tracey, 34, is obsessed with the holidays and has put on her decorations in October every year since her children were babies.

The mother, who is from Cornwall, has also already bought all of her Christmas presents.

She stays on a tight budget, grabbing decorations throughout the year at charity stores and on the Facebook Marketplace.

Tracey also set up her eight foot street which requires six sets of lights to cover it.


Tiffany Wallis)

Tracey even hangs decorations on the ceiling fan


Tiffany Wallis)

She said: “We love Christmas, it’s a magical time of year, so why not start early? My family loves him too – including my partner Derren. We have been installing our Christmas tree in October for years.

“My two younger kids help me put up the decorations – and they also have their own Christmas trees. They love it and it’s something we do together every year – it’s such a magical time.

“My dad left my mom and I when I was a baby on Christmas Eve, so my mom made sure to make Christmas special every year. He’s our superhero – and I want to carry on the same tradition.

But Tracey, who posted a photo of her tree on social media, said not everyone appreciates her getting into the Christmas spirit early.

She said: “Responses are divided on social media. A lot of people say it takes the magic out of kids for kids – but mine loves Christmas.

“We have birthdays in October, November and December, so they all have a Christmas theme.

Tracey spent over five hours decorating her house from top to bottom


Tiffany Wallis)

“I would say to all the Grinches out there, live and let live – you don’t have to live with it if you don’t want to! There is too much sadness in the world, so why not make Christmas last longer ! “

Tracey says the color theme of her decorations changes every year – and she’s gone purple and silver this year.

She added, “It took over five hours to put all the decorations up, and there are six sets of lights on my tree. The kids held the lights and lay around the tree with me – and we did it while listening to Christmas carols.

“I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping already, and I’m doing Christmas Park Savings – a year-round savings club – to make it more affordable.

“I look for decorations in charity stores – they’re amazing, and you know it makes you happy and it’s for a good cause. I also look on Facebook sales sites. “

And on Christmas Day itself, Tracey says the family really celebrates – she gets up from 6 a.m. and the whole family loves chocolate for breakfast.

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