My neighbors put up Christmas decorations in MY garden – I want them but people say I’m a Grinch


As Christmas approaches, many festive fans put up decorations, both inside and outside their homes.

But when a woman’s neighbors added decorations to her garden, she was unimpressed.


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Although many people would like someone to decorate their garden for free, the mother was furious.

Explaining on Mumsnet, she wrote: “I came home and saw that my neighbors had decorated their house for Christmas.

“They had put one of their Christmas decorations in my garden without telling me first.”

The mum admitted she had “very politely” asked her neighbors to remove the decorations, but they “seemed annoyed” by her request.

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“I thought about giving up,” she said, since the decorations were apparently close to the limit.

But since there is still more than a month until Christmas Day, she has decided to confront her neighbors instead.

Other Mumsnet users have offered advice, with some agreeing that she has every right not to want decorations in front of her house.

“Not unreasonable at all. If they want to decorate early, that’s fine, but it’s not okay for them to decorate someone else’s garden,” one wrote.

Others said it depended on the size of the decorations, saying a huge inflatable Santa might be boring, but it wasn’t worth fussing over with a few string lights.

Someone else thought the mother was being unreasonable, they joked, “Grinch, is that you?”

“I understand if that tore your roses apart, but if it didn’t, I don’t see the harm,” said another.

Some people felt that the mother was right to be annoyed


Some people felt that the mother was right to be annoyedCredit: Getty

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