“Nana Baubles” breaks the record with more than 1,700 Christmas decorations


Sylvia Pope (UK) has a colossal collection of Christmas balls.

It’s so big in fact, it broke the world record the largest collection of Christmas balls.


Sylvia, also known as Nana Baubles, lives in Swansea, Wales and has an impressive 1,760 hanging decorations.


However, she predicts that the number will be well over 2,000 within the next year or two!

Her fascinating collection is spread throughout her home, with beautiful balls hanging from the ceilings as well as displayed outside her home.

Besides your classic Christmas decorations, the Nana Baubles collection has many unique and quirky items.

They all differ in shape, material and colors and come from all over the world.


“It was 1999. My son, who lived in Brighton, invited us to spend New Years with him. We went for a drink at a friend’s house and when I walked in they had balls on the ceiling. was fantastic. I thought, ‘oh my god, this is wonderful’. They were coming from all over the world. And then I thought, ‘I’m going to try this.'” – Sylvie Pape


the ceiling covered in balls

After that, she started buying balls in boxes. Soon after, people started offering him different items.

Nana Baubles has taken years to build such a collection, with different pieces coming from all over the world.


Some come from iconic shops across the UK, like Liberty London and Harrods, while others were brought back by his relatives on their trips abroad.

Babe trinkets shows off her collection

Some are unique collector’s items, and others, like the little red ball given to Nana by her great-grandson, have very special sentimental value.

It’s exciting to admire the variety of Nana Baubles’ decorations, which cover the ceiling and many surfaces of her home.

“They look more like a Christmas decoration than a ball, don’t they?” says Nana Baubles, talking about her majestic collection and her many different pieces.

Not all his balls necessarily stick to the classic round shape. They are not all festive either.

French fries ball

Among its many treasures, Nana Baubles also has crab and lobster-shaped ornaments, shaped foods (like burgers and popcorn), and even phone booths and Disney characters.

You can even see a personalized bauble with Nana Babiole’s name on it!

The oldest balls she owns are pink and blue balls from the 2000s, when she started collecting them.

The most precious object in the collection of Nana Baubles was given to her by her granddaughter, a beautiful ball of royal tea.

This precious Royal Doulton is a special edition bauble created for the Queen’s Golden Anniversary, and it’s very close to her heart.

Sylvia with her decorated ceiling

“Christmas has always been a family affair,” says Nana Baubles of her childhood.

It was the only time Sylvia’s family had chicken and a few presents as a special treat, although she always got a present for her birthday and Christmas combined, as her birthday falls on Boxing Day.

On Christmas morning, she would find a stocking filled with an orange and walnuts. Then she would come down to open the present.

It wasn’t much, says Nana Baubles, but they were still happy.

“We weren’t very well off, we didn’t have much, and that’s why today I’m going to do what I can and afford what I can afford to have a good Christmas for the kids.”

dear santa i can explain bauble

Each year, surrounded by the spectacle of her festive balls, Nana Boules always does her best to offer her loved ones a great party.

“I think it’s kids time. I think Christmas is a wonderful time to get kids excited, so I think you should do your best for them.”

Photo credit: Diyan Kantardzhiev/Guinness World Records


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