‘National Lampoon’-inspired Christmas decorations cost $100,000


There are people who give their all for the holiday spirit. It’s as if Christmas runs through their veins and spreading that joy becomes their priority in December. Jeff Norton, who lives in the town of La Mirada in Los Angeles County, shares his holiday joy with his community through his elaborate and expensive work national pamphlet Christmas decorations.

Jeff has become known in his town for his annual Christmas lights show which he invests in every year. Each year he transforms his home into a replica of the Griswold Christmas House Display, inspired by his love of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie. And every year, it somehow manages to improve its display compared to the previous year.

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As of 2018, Jeff spends a lot of time, effort, and money to make his display as real as possible for the film. He changed the color of his house – and the gutters – to look like the yellow and green house from the movie.

From there, he stages key moments from the film in his light show. Mannequins dressed up as characters, vehicles, wall of lights, it even has a 1972 Ford Condor RV that has been modified to look like the one in the movie.

Christmas decorations

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“I started with a motorhome and a regular store dummy,” Jeff told Los Angeles Time. “I noticed there was some excitement, then I went out and bought three palettes of lights.” Every year he adds something different to his Christmas decorations, this year was a fake second floor of his house to look even more like the Griswold home.

It’s definitely a passion project and Jeff said Los Angeles Time which he estimates she has spent around $100,000 on the display over the past few years. The community helps him maintain the exhibit each year with donations and in return, Jeff distributes movie-themed merchandise.

Christmas decorations

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At first, Jeff received criticism from city officials for his elaborate display. However, community support has prompted the town to compromise – Jeff is allowed to keep the display of Christmas decorations, but he must have it removed by January 1 – until next Christmas, of course. .


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