New Era Detroit drops truckloads of Christmas gifts for boy Ypsilanti who was shot by neighbor


Six-year-old Coby Daniel is having a very merry Christmas after a tough summer.

The Ypsilanti boy was shot dead by a neighbor who allegedly first tried to hit him with a hammer for removing his bicycle from the neighbour’s lawn.

The accused shooter, Ryan Le-Nguyen faces numerous charges.

After the June shooting, New Era Detroit contacted Coby’s family and stayed in touch with them. On Thursday, they showed up at the boy’s house with trucks full of gifts.

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“People don’t stick and stay that way. It happened a few months ago and generally people got forgotten, you know what I mean? And it’s good that New Era Detroit stuck there,” said Arnold Daniel, Coby’s. dad.

Coby received all kinds of gifts from New Era Detroit, including toys, video games, controllers, a trampoline, and more.

“You know for us it’s not just about dating for once, it’s about building a relationship and letting them know that the reason we came out is because we care,” said New Era founder Zeek Williams. “We don’t care if you’re black, yellow, red, purple, green or orange, if you’re doing anything to harm our people, harm our community, we have to make sure we’re here showing the face and letting people know that’s something we’ll never stand for.”


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