Nottingham police pay homeless boy’s Christmas presents



A 12-year-old homeless boy was bought Christmas presents by police in Nottingham.

Nottinghamshire Police said he drove to Nottingham’s Radford Road station a few weeks before Christmas with only a garbage bag.

After being placed with a foster family, police collected £ 130 in cash and other donations to buy him gifts.

Officers said “the case really stuck” with the team. Colleagues from all over the force helped raise funds.

The boy received wrapped gifts shortly before Christmas Day, including a football kit, golf set, sweater and toiletries, according to the force.

PC Megan Barnard said sometimes it is “very easy to forget one incident because we have to move on so quickly to the next one and sometimes it is the only way to deal with what we see and with.

“But this case really stuck with a lot of officers and especially myself after hearing its heartbreaking story.

“With Christmas and knowing how difficult the holidays can be for people sometimes after going through something like this and being left with nothing, we decided to try to fundraise to make sure there was something to do with it. open on Christmas day.

“It’s amazing to see officers come together and collect all this money so that we can make him smile and give him things he needed and wanted.”



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