Ocean City, Md. Christmas lights at Caine Woods Christmas House


Strings of Christmas lights are a common sight to see during the holidays, but Caine Woods’ Christmas home in Ocean City takes things a step further.

The festive spirit is alive in this house with a yard full of decorations, an elf who ziplines and a light show synchronized to holiday music.

The tradition started in 2017 when Mark Jahnke moved to the area and decided to install lights for the season. But things really took off in 2019 when “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” Clark Griswold was featured on the front of house. Jahnke continued to decorate for Christmas and other holidays throughout the year.

His passion for tradition drives him to continue year after year.

While he admits it’s fun to play around with new emerging technology, the real reason Jahnke does what he does is because he just enjoys it.

“It’s just one of those things I like to do,” Jahnke said.

Jahnke has admired festive decoration since childhood. When he was stationed in New Jersey, he lived on a street decorated for both Halloween and Christmas, and eventually the whole neighborhood got involved.

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Jahnke felt he had to carry on the tradition when he moved to Ocean City — and he hopes it will take to the streets like in New Jersey.

“It’s something I’ve always done for myself, but having other people come to enjoy it is an added bonus. And I like the fact that people come to see it,” Jahnke said.

Creating and displaying the lights, however, can be an expensive undertaking.

In its first year, Jahnke’s electric bill increased by about $100 due to the use of older incandescent lights, but with newer, more technologically advanced LED and RGB lighting. , her electric bill only goes up about $30-40. Donations were offered, but Jahnke turned them down.

“I refused to accept them because I don’t want people to think I’m taking donations to do more stuff,” Jahnke said.

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It has partnered with Ocean City’s Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation sites, which provide respite housing in the city for seriously ill children and their families.

The organization has created a website and a QR code for Jahnke, so if people want to donate, they support Believe in Tomorrow.

“For me, it’s just a little thing that I can do, where people come to enjoy it and if I can do something special with it to help them raise a few extra bucks, that’s great,” he said. -he declares.

More information, visit the Caine Woods Christmas House Facebook Page.


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