OKC Metro Lawyer shows off larger than life Christmas decorations


Attorney Scott Adams’ court on Deason Drive in Edmond looks like the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade turned Christmas

“I started with one explosion, then two, then it went from there, and I lost control like I do on a lot of things,” Adams said.

Her Christmas decorations started out with traditional Christmas lights, but that all changed.

“I started with the blow-ups about ten years ago, the kids loved it, so I just moved on to the blow-ups,” Adams said.

In fact, he has so many explosions that Adams doesn’t know how many he has.

“I don’t know how many. I know I have a few big ones and those are the big problem with the wind here in Oklahoma, but other than that, I know I have several,” Adams said.

And while he’s not sure how many inflatables he has, he has a favorite.

“My favorite is probably big Santa, and probably because more people come and want to take pictures with Santa and bring their families there for Christmas pictures and stuff, and I like to watch people having fun and getting into the Christmas spirit, so I would have to say big Santa,” Adams said.

The tall Santa Claus is thirty-three feet tall, just before the tall Rudolph.

“Rudolph is 34 feet, just a little taller, but I think that’s because of his antlers,” Adams said.

Adams is already looking forward to next year.

“I actually have a friend of mine who found a bigger blast that we’re going to order for next year, and I’m going to leave that as a surprise for everyone to come and see what it is,” Adams said.

The explosions can be seen nightly on Deason Drive in Edmond.

“If it’s windy we don’t put them up, but if there’s no wind we usually have them from sundown until about ten at night,” Adams said. .

It takes Adams about three days to set everything up, and they all arrive on Boxing Day.


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