Parents reveal the best places to hide Christmas gifts from your curious kids


YOU have successfully completed your Christmas shopping, and for a brief moment you celebrate your incredible victory.

But then your heart sinks when you realize your next tricky challenge – hiding the current stash from your curious kids, who might “accidentally” stumble upon their presents.


When it comes to finding Christmas gifts, our children can be incredible detectivesCredit: Getty

Don’t worry – bed specialist Time4Sleep spoke to parents who shared their best places to hide your presents, and here they reveal to Fabulous their top tips…

A slipper

No built-in storage in your property? No problem.

Mum Alice Thompson says: “Our two-bed flat had limited storage and no attic space.

“As a result, we had to get extremely creative and just about anywhere was fair game when it came to hiding.

“Stocking filler gifts were hidden in rubber boots and shoeboxes.

“We even went to the extreme of removing the back of our wardrobe and storing wrapped gifts in it.

Not all hiding places work as well as they should


Not all hiding places work as well as they shouldCredit: Getty

“Being slightly sleep deprived after collecting these gifts on Christmas Eve, we ended up forgetting some of the hiding places until our little girl was already up and opening the presents.

“That meant we had to perform a bit of ‘distraction magic’ to get them under the tree without her noticing!”

A little white lie

Are you fighting a losing battle and you know that your children will find the gifts, even if you hide them well?

Mum Jane Roberts said: ‘We could only find room to hide Christmas gifts in the wardrobe in our second bedroom so we had no choice but to tell our daughter where they were. , for she would undoubtedly find them herself.

“But to keep him from sneaking a peek, we told him a white lie…

“To try to make sure she didn’t completely ruin the Christmas Day surprise, we told her the wardrobe was booby-trapped.

“Honestly we didn’t think this tactic would work but she never dared to take a look at it and now at 23 she says she really bought it she even called me back that we also said the wardrobe had cameras inside so we knew if someone had snuck in – sometimes you have to be inventive!”

good neighbors

Mum-of-two Sarah Pearson has taken a new level of deviousness to make sure her children don’t find their Christmas presents.

She says: “When they were old enough, my two kids loved rummaging through cupboards and boxes to find something new to play with, like most kids do, so we knew we had to be smart when it came down to it. was to hide Christmas presents.

“We didn’t have any space under our beds or an out of reach closet, so we had to think of something different.

“Luckily our next door neighbors are more like family to us and with their children having grown up and moved on, they were more than happy to let us store the presents in the attic and wrap the presents in their house.

“That meant we didn’t have to be constantly on the lookout to make sure they didn’t notice and avoid waking them up to gain access to our own loft.

“On Christmas Eve we would pick up the presents from our neighbours, lay them out in the living room and go back to bed – the kids never knew and couldn’t believe what we were doing when we finally told them !”

Hidden in plain sight

Father-of-two Tom Hemingway has revealed how sticking to ordinary hiding places can work.

He says: “I think our kids are more aware of lesser-known places to hide Christmas presents thanks to movies and TV shows, so we tend to stick to the more common places to hide presents.

“The main place we use to store gifts is our storage bed, the kids know we only store spare bedding and towels there and it’s hard for them to get to them anyway , so they don’t care.

“With space for larger items that would be difficult to hide elsewhere, this is a great option for us.”

Suitcase solution

The pandemic may have sabotaged your travel plans, but your suitcases can still come in handy.

Mum Katie Peters says: “Almost all of us have suitcases in our loft or closets that take up space, so we decided to put them to good use to hide our four-year-old’s gifts, because we knew that he would never think of suitcases.

“We then told our friends about the hack and they took it to another level, putting a lock on the case for added security. Brilliant.”

However, be sure to check the terms and conditions of your home insurance before deciding where to store your current stash away from prying eyes.

It is important to hide the gifts well to see the joy on your children's faces when they open their gifts on Christmas Day


It is important to hide the gifts well to see the joy on your children’s faces when they open their gifts on Christmas DayCredit: Getty
Sometimes hiding gifts is a bigger challenge than buying them all


Sometimes hiding gifts is a bigger challenge than buying them allCredit: Getty
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