Patrick Mahomes has the best way to hide his fiancée Brittany Matthews’ Christmas presents


The holidays can be a very busy time for many people. For Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes at this time of year has also been pretty hectic. The NFL star works on the football field as his team is about to qualify for the playoffs, he is also planning a wedding with his fiancée Brittany Matthews, and he takes care of dad duties by taking care of their 9-month-old daughter Sterling. At least one thing Mahomes doesn’t have to worry about during the season is where to hide the Christmas presents he’s getting for his bride-to-be.

Here’s where Matthews’ gifts go so Mahomes knows she won’t find them.

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes smile and cheer during an NBA game at Madison Square Garden | James Devaney/Getty Images

Mahomes and Matthews have been together since they were teenagers

The Chiefs caller and his future wife have spent several Christmases together because they’ve been together since they were teenagers. Mahomes previously recalled what their first vacation as a couple was like.

“Man, that was in high school…I had to go to her family’s house and she came to my house,” he remembered. “I think by then we had been dating for a few months, so just normal kids showing up to family dinner, nervous type stuff and everything.”

The quarterback added that it was like the movie Four Christmases as he and Matthews “had to go to each of our family members’ Christmas parties and spent all day going house to house to make sure we saw everyone.”

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes attend State Farm All-Star Saturday Night Event

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes pose for a photo at the State Farm All-Star event | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Where Mahomes hides all his gifts so he can’t find them

During his weekly radio spot with The reader on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, Mahomes explained how he used to buy Christmas presents, as it would be nearly impossible for him to go to his local mall and pick up presents without being recognized by fans.

Mahomes revealed that instead of physically going to a store, he does a lot of online shopping but does not have the gifts sent home.

“A bunch on Amazon and I get it sent to the [Chiefs] facility,” he said before joking, “Don’t tell Brittany.

Mahomes added that he always had to be careful when getting something for Matthews because “she sees everything, so I have to be really sneaky with that so I can try to surprise her every once in a while.”

How the quarterback would react if COVID killed Chicken Tenders

Patrick Mahomes warming up before the game at Arrowhead Stadium

Patrick Mahomes warms up before a game at Arrowhead Stadium | Patrick Mahomes warming up before the game at Arrowhead Stadium

Another topic Mahomes was asked about unrelated to football or Christmas is his reaction to the rumor that the COVID-19 coronavirus could kill chicken tenderloins.

“I’m a big fan of chicken tenders, so it’s definitely going to hurt if that happens,” Mahomes said.

The quarterback is a known ketchup lover and has admitted that he puts it on just about everything, so the show’s hosts wanted to know if he puts ketchup on his chicken fingers.

“I definitely prefer other things with my chicken fillets, but if those things aren’t there, I’ll go for ketchup. I’m not going to make chicken fillets on my own,” Mahomes explained. “I’ll start with barbecue sauce, maybe honey mustard…and then probably ketchup.”

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