People are sharing how to creatively wrap Christmas presents on TikTok


With Christmas just a few days away, it might be time to start wrapping up the presents hiding in your closet – or buying them, if you haven’t already.

If you need inspiration this year, you can always rely on video-sharing app TikTok to keep up with the trends.

TikTokkers are using the platform to share creative ways to wrap Christmas presents this winter.

The trend – reportedly resurfacing from 2020 – shows people wrapping box-shaped gifts as something “not even close” to what’s inside.

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One of the most viral videos on the platform is by TikTok user amic3276, with over 32 million views.

He films himself holding a roll of wrapping paper then shows the present he intends to wrap; a portable fleece blanket in a box.

In the next image, he reveals his final creation; the present has been transformed into a life-size treadmill.

He captioned the video, “Think she’ll love it.”

The video, which also has 6.3 million likes, has people wondering how much effort it took to create.

In the comments, amic3267 revealed that the wrapping only took him “about 30 minutes to an hour” to do.

Pogolotl commented, “Bro made the wrapping cost more than the gift itself”.

Mariskaskaska added, “this is my favorite trend EVER.”

And Paige Moerle said, “I missed that trend.”

Another TikTokker with the username gunderwood shared his take on the trend, with the caption “get into the Christmas spirit”.

He shows a roll of wrapping paper and a medium-sized candle in a jar he intends to wrap.

He reveals him wrapped up like a car tire – again, true to size.

Some TikTokkers took the opportunity to re-share their insights from the previous year.

User dont_know_me_gurl shared a video with the text, “Since this trend is coming back I decided to share my video from last year as it didn’t get the recognition it deserved.”

The 15-second clip shows a Playstation controller in its usual packaging, followed by a gift-wrapped dog creation.

In the video, the TikTok user’s pet dog can be seen standing next to his present-wrapped friend, looking terrified.

This has caused many people to be concerned about the petrified dog.

User froggy_soda commented: “THIS DOG IS TERRIFIED GO BLOCK HIM”.

Maria Quijas added: “The dog was too stunned to speak.”

And Todd Lawrence said: ‘The dog in the back worries like he’s about to be replaced’.

Others were amazed by the crafting skills of the TikTokker and wanted to create their own dogs – perhaps to mystify their own pets.

User Apryl131313 asked: “ok guys what do you use for shaping? Cardboard???”

While Mallorygatehouse commented, “I need a tutorial on how you did this”.

In a four-part video, dont_know_me_gurl gave a step-by-step tutorial on how to master creating.


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