Pistons and the Gores family distribute Christmas gifts to 214 Flint children


FLINT, MI — Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores and his family gave Christmas gifts to 214 Flint children on Thursday afternoon with a $50,000 donation through Voices For Children.

Voices for Children, an advocacy center that works with victims of child abuse, distributed the gifts Thursday, Dec. 16, at its downtown Flint location.

The kids received a free pizza, met Santa and did TikToks with Pistons mascot Hooper before receiving their gifts. Children aged 4 to 7 received bicycles and helmets, those aged 8 to 10 received drones and those aged 11 to 13 received tablets.

The Pistons held a similar event, funded by Gores’ donations, in Detroit with Toys for Tots on Tuesday.

Gores and his wife, Holly, both grew up in the Flint area and have supported holiday toy distribution since 2006.

“All children deserve a chance to smile and feel the joy of the holidays at this special time of year,” Gores said in a statement. “We started this effort 15 years ago to spread happiness to children and families in Michigan this holiday season. Inspiring children, giving them hope and the excitement it brings is so important.

Voices for Children CEO Claudnyse Holloman said many of the children they work with don’t always have a happy holiday because of their situation at home.

The Pistons have been partnered with Voices for Children through United Way of Genesee County.

“It’s the kids who could really get that benefit,” said Jamie-Lee Venable, vice president of United Way of Genesee County. “…Children here at Voices (for Children) are probably some of the most hurt children. They went through the worst thing you can imagine.

Kinea Wright, a parent advocate who was taking a child for Christmas presents, has praised the organization Voices For Children.

“It just means a lot to the community that we can get out of the house safely and receive gifts,” Wright said. “A lot of people can’t get gifts. Having events like this is really good for the community.

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