Porch pirates are prowling for your Christmas presents, here are some tips to stop them


RIDGELAND, Mississippi (WLBT) – Cyber ​​Monday is over and buyers have closed deals, but Ridgeland Police are warning you not to let those deals lead to thefts.

The grumpy roam the neighborhoods awaiting the arrival of these packages. A couple from Ridgeland are now taking precautions after falling prey to the Porch Pirates.

On Tuesday, Stephanie Darden and her husband Remick were getting their Ridgeland home ready for Christmas. But three packages of decorations that the companies said were delivered last week were missing from their porch. They believe they are the victims of the porch pirates.

“And when they still haven’t shown up, that’s when we contacted them, and they told us it had probably been stolen,” Remick Darden said.

“How is it possible in broad daylight for someone to come and how do they know that,” asked Stéphanie Darden. “And how come it’s online and then they know exactly how to get it.”

“It’s the season, so to speak. These criminals know it, ”said Corporal Ryan Jungers of the Ridgeland Police Department.

The 13-year-old Ridgeland officer said patrols were increased in the town at this time of year to stop the porch pirates. He suggests knowing when your packages are arriving and getting your neighbors to be on the lookout and collect them for you if possible.

Video doorbells and surveillance cameras help the police catch them. Jungers said if you’re expecting packages, here’s a tip all year round.

“There are also different cases and storage boxes that you can buy,” Jungers said. “There are different companies now selling them that you can put on your porch and that are lockable, either by combination or by padlock.”

Police also suggest that you be extra vigilant while on vacation.

“If you see something out of place, if you see a vehicle driving slowly through the neighborhood that looks out of place, please give us a call,” Jungers said.

“Either way, we’re going to keep our holiday spirit and make sure our kids have fun,” added Remick Darden.

UPS suggests that customers sign up for the free UPS My Choice service, which sends an email alert when their package is scheduled for delivery. It also allows customers to have the package delivered to a UPS access point or to leave it by the driver, for example, in the shed in the backyard or behind the garage.

UPS drivers can also enter this information into their handhelds for future deliveries. They can also choose to have their deliveries delivered to a relative or neighbor who is at home during the day.

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