Radford mum Sue spends £7,000 on Christmas presents as Noel brings home a live turkey


The mother of Britain’s biggest family has left viewers divided after revealing she spent £7,000 on Christmas presents for her children.

Sue Radford, who lives in Morecambe with her husband Noel, bought around 300 toys and gifts for their 22 children.

The stars of Channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting appear on our television screens on Sunday evening for a festive special and have offered a jaw-dropping glimpse into their epic festive preparation.

There were also moments of hilarity when baker Noel brought home a live turkey instead of one to eat for Christmas dinner.

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The Radford family’s Christmas meal also includes a 4kg roast beef, a whole roast goose, 7kg potatoes, 120 blanket pigs, four bags of Brussels sprouts and six boxes of chocolates.

Opening up about being a chef on the big day, Noel said, “I love cooking Christmas dinner for so many people.”

Sue is in charge of doing the grocery store and a dot was seen picking up a 4.75kg block of cheddar cheese.

She revealed that it will “only last about a week” and during the holiday season she also uses around 70 rolls of wrapping paper for presents.

Noel was tasked with finding a turkey big enough to feed their huge family.

Speaking on the show, he explained: “This year I decided to order a turkey from a local farm rather than a supermarket.”

However, things didn’t go as planned when a woman dressed as an elf arrived at the Radford home to deliver a turkey in a cage.

Noel wanted the turkey “ready for the oven” and didn’t know what to do with the live bird

Noel laughs nervously before exclaiming, “Oh fuck, look at that! It’s not ready for the oven!”

When the elf asked him if he wanted it “ready to bake”, Noel replied: “It’s for Christmas dinner. It’s not for a pet, it’s to eat !

“Sue is going to kill me. I said I had a turkey for Christmas, I meant a baked turkey – one you can eat – not like the one that’s going to hang out in the garden.”

Sue then asked her other half, “Are you serious? “What are we going to do with it?

Elsewhere in the episode, Noel and Sue were seen enjoying a trip to Lapland where they met Santa with 13 of their children.

However, the trip was not without stress as parents were seen rushing to ensure all their children had valid passports.

Some of their eldest children decided to stay in the UK and were seen volunteering at a local homeless charity where they cooked food and decorated a room.

Sue and Noel Radford
Sue and Noel Radford

Sue took to Instagram after the show aired and wrote: “I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for watching our program tonight, all the lovely messages and comments we have received, I can’t not even begin to say how lucky we feel to have experienced Lapland with our children, it truly is the most MAGICAL place and I know our children will treasure these memories forever, the memories are well worth more than fancy gadgets. Merry Christmas guys.”

Some viewers were split over how much money the family spent, with some accusing them of shelling out way too much.

One person wrote on social media, “I used to love watching this family but now they just like to flaunt their wealth. Too materialistic for my taste #22kidsandcounting.”

Another asked, “How the hell can they afford all these expensive gifts?

A third commented: “Onto #22kidsandcounting now…feelings are hit and miss with this program. I’m still listening but the excess they spend is still too much.”

Other viewers were impressed with Sue and Noel’s generosity and organization.

One said: “#22kidsandcounting – honestly hats off to them too. I think 2 kids are expensive.”

Another wrote: “This family made me feel ashamed of their organization and control. I admire them so much #22kidsandcounting.”

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