Royal Oak Christmas House put up for sale


An easily recognized Royal Oak home comes to market with a high price tag.

It is nicknamed “The House of Christmas” famous for its elaborate holiday displays and grand celebrations.

It sits near the corner of 12 Mile and N. Washington, a piece of history known for its elaborate and over-the-top Christmas decorations.

“People would come and either ask how many Santas we had, or try to guess what was new each year,” owner Ethlyn Unger said.

But Ethlyn is selling the Christmas house after her husband John died in December.

“He really was a Christmas person and that was what he loved,” she said.

Built in 1924, it has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and over 3,500 square feet of living space. The asking price is $475,000.

“I’m looking for a smaller house,” she says. “I’ve raised kids and grandkids, I’ve always been a caretaker. I’d like to take care of myself now.”

The Ungers stopped putting up the Christmas decorations in 2013. Ethlyn says it became too much – and oh those electric bills.

“It was over a thousand dollars, $1,500 for two months,” she said.

The decorations have since been sold but a few remain outside the house. The big tree out front still has its Christmas lights. She says they went up in 1978 and never came down.

“My sons are coming to turn off the tree lights,” she said. “Not everyone wants Christmas lights.”

And no matter who buys it, Christmas will always be with this house.


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