Sacramento neighborhood has Christmas gifts stolen in burglaries


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Dozens of South Sacramento residents have woken up to find their cars and gifts have become the latest targets in a break-in spree.

“They are more than bold,” said one resident.

About an hour before sunrise, burglars ripped through the parking lot of an apartment in the Pocket neighborhood. They smashed the windows and took everything they could get their hands on.

“We’re talking about the Grinch,” a Pocket neighborhood resident told FOX40.

“They got in their car, unwrapped the presents and drove off,” Shona Brooks said. “They left the wrapping paper on the sidewalk.”

Sacramento police said they found evidence of at least 10 burglaries at the Riverlake Apartments reservation on Rush River Drive. There were 10 more in a compound around the corner from Greenhaven.

Thefts and burglaries are known to pick up this time of year.

“We have Christmas, you have children. I have to turn around and pay the rent again and get the windows fixed,” resident Brooks said.

FOX40 tried to contact the management of Reserve at Riverlake Apartments but no one responded.

Neighbors said they were frustrated with what they called a general lack of security on the property. They said the cameras currently there are not enough and they want to see more widespread on-site cameras and more frequent security patrols.

“So at least we could see the space in the parking lot, at least we would know who did it,” Brooks said.

Sacramento police said they have no suspicious information to share.


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