Salvation Army Angel Tree Program Needs Help Giving Christmas Gifts to Children


FRESH WATER COUNTY – The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program is in desperate need of help from the residents of Sweetwater County if they are to ensure that all the children in their program receive Christmas presents this year.

Kimberly May, program coordinator for the Sweetwater Family Resource Center and case manager and chair of the local Salvation Army board of directors, said children have signed up for the Angel Tree program and now need them. residents to help them.

“I want to make sure that all the kids in our community, in our county, have a blessed Christmas and don’t have to go without,” May said.

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“One way to help keep Hope Marching On is to provide Christmas gifts to children from local families in need through our Angel Tree program! Visit your local Salvation Army extension unit at the Sweetwater Family Resource Center and adopt an angel tree family today, ”said a Salvation Army PSA.

“Millions of Americans still suffer the continuing impacts of the pandemic as they struggle to recover and stay at home, so The Salvation Army remains at the forefront of the need for the Marches of Hope this season. vacation, “according to the PSA.

“The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program provides new clothes and toys to more than one million children and families in need each year,” according to the website.

Prior to opening this program to all children in need, The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program was aimed at children with at least one parent in prison, May said. The program changed when The Salvation Army realized that it needed to be opened up to all families.

Knowing that there is a need

The Green River volunteer and May know firsthand what it is like to need a program like this.

“When I was a kid, I never would have had a Christmas without the angel tree,” said a Salvation Army angel tree program volunteer in Green River.

For May, it’s personal. When she had children, her partner went to jail. Soon after, she found out that she was pregnant. She didn’t know what she was going to do or how she was going to support her family let alone buy them Christmas presents.

May said someone put her children’s names on the list and two days before Christmas the Salvation Army showed up with gifts and a tree. All she could do was cry and say thank you. To this day, May and her children remember how the Salvation Army changed their lives that day.

“One day I’m going to pay next,” May said, remembering thinking.

This is exactly what she is doing now.

“I just don’t want the kids to go without it,” May said. “They didn’t choose the situation they found themselves in.”

“These families really need it,” said the Green River volunteer. “These families are in need. Most of the people on the tree are in pretty bad shape.

How residents can help

About 110 children still have tags on the angel tree and time is running out. May would like Rock Springs residents interested in participating in this program to pick up a tag at the Family Resource Office this week and Green River residents interested in participating to contact the Green River volunteer. All gifts must be purchased, wrapped, have the tag attached to the gift, and dropped off at the Green River center or volunteer by December 15th.

“We try to do it all,” May said.

May said they wanted to make sure as many children as possible were adopted from the tree.

“Because you sign up, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll be adopted,” May said.

However, no matter how many tags are left on the tree, they will receive a Christmas present from donated items, but that might not be what the child asked for.

Once all gifts have been received, families participating in the program will be contacted. In Rock Springs, they can pick up gifts from December 21-23 at the Family Resource Office between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. for Green River, residents can contact the volunteer.

Residents wishing to help by adopting a child for Christmas can contact the Green River Volunteer for Green River Families by text or phone 307-253-0773 or for Rock Springs Families, in May at Family Resource Center 307 -362 -6549. The Sweetwater Family Resource Center is located at 649 N. Front St, Unit A, Rock Springs.


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