Schoolgirl, 9, spends £1,250 of birthday money on Christmas gifts for less fortunate kids


A Bolton schoolgirl has donated a large collection of toys to less fortunate children for Christmas – all with money given to her for her birthday.

When nine-year-old Sabrinah Warren celebrated her birthday earlier this year, she asked her family and friends to give her money instead of gifts.

The Bolton School Junior Girls’ Division Year 4 pupil has received over £1,000 and has decided to spend most of it on Christmas gifts for other children.

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“The idea came about earlier in the year when another girl in her year donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust,” mum Danielle Warren told MEN.

“After seeing the school congregation standing up for this, Sabrinah came home wanting to do something to help people.

“She decided that, since Christmas followed her birthday on Halloween, she would ask for money instead of presents, then go shopping and give away the toys.”

Bolton schoolgirl Sabrinah Warren has spent her birthday money on Christmas gifts for less fortunate children

Having saved £100 to spend on herself, she was left with £1,250 to spend on thoughtful gifts.

Sabrinah and her mum then contacted Sarah Lodge, a supported housing association in Bolton, and asked them for a list of children they could buy presents for.

“When we went to pick out the gifts, we explained to Smyths what we were doing and they gave us a discount because there were multiple tours there,” Danielle said.

“She was very, very excited to go shopping when we decided what we wanted to get for each person.”

Sabrinah on one of her shopping sprees

The toys have now been donated to families in the housing association as well as other needy families in the area.

“We dropped them off at the housing association and they were really, really happy and thrilled,” Danielle said.

“I don’t think Sabrinah necessarily thought she would see one of the families, but she saw one person and it was nice for her to see someone who would benefit from all of this.

“She’s really happy that she can bring happiness to people.”

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