Secure your Christmas decorations; the threat of strong winds could lead to power outages and damage


WESTLAKE, Ohio (WOIO) – Strong winds heading northeastern Ohio from Friday night to Saturday could potentially cut off power, topple trees and send anything unsafe flying through the air .

That’s why a couple from Westlake are joining with others in securing all of their outdoor Christmas decorations.

Robert and Nancy Engelman have 45 Santa Claus to Snowman inflatables in their backyard. That’s why they plan to close the hatches on the front of the house so that the inflatable Santa Claus doesn’t feel uncontrollable gusts of wind under his sleigh.

So, can this Christmas wonderland full of explosive decorations filled with hot air withstand the fury of 40-50 mph winds?

Robert Engelman told 19 News, “I’m going to unplug the electrical outlets and let the air out. There are about four holds to shoot, and all of them will fall except the ones against the house; generally, the winds do not bother them.

Engelman says he realizes he has to temporarily remove the decorations because strong winds, he says, will tear them apart, “They would float all over the place.”

The couple have already taken some precautions to secure the explosions in the yard when they were initially set up. Tie them to stakes in the ground to make sure the destructive winds won’t blow them away and hand Santa’s playground to the Grinch who stole Christmas.

The Westlakes say they have never had a problem with the wind as they keep an eye on the sky and the 19 day forecast warning.

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