Self-employed loans – where to get?

Find out about our site before you take out a loan. Considering that it is often difficult for self-employed to get a loan, this uncertainty is not surprising. In this way, self-employed people get their credit. This favors a self-employed loan. Prerequisite for the loan is a credit check.

So you get a loan as a self-employed

So you get a loan as a self-employed

Entrepreneurs and the self-employed are entitled to a lot of free space, which they are granted. While employees with regular wages get credit online just a few clicks of the mouse to fulfill small desires, non-employees are inferior in many ways. Before granting a installment loan, a house bank wants to make sure that the borrower is able to repay his claims in the long term in accordance with the contract.

Because the risk of credit losses among start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs is particularly high, some banks do not even bother to serve these groups of people. In particular, on-line loans are immediately rejected by most providers as soon as the applicant is self-employed and not in permanent employment. But you can also raise a personal loan as a self-employed person.

One thing in advance: If you’ve just started your own business and your business is not yet profitable, you should keep your hands off normal credit applications. In this case, contact the Intrasavings or inquire about start-up support programs. Only companies that have a decent taxable right of entry have a possibility to receive a personal loan.

However, before applying for a loan on the internet, you should ensure that the provider gives the self-employed the opportunity to receive a loan. Even as a self-employed person should be pointed out in the Frequently Asked Questions or in the advertising of the operator explicitly on the possibilities of borrowing. In any case, even if this is not a guarantee for an authorization, you will not deny the lender’s narrow risk filters, which make immediate involvement possible in the first place.

Database with loan calculator

Database with loan calculator

A small tip: Such a database can be found with the loan calculator from Creditend. However, it specifies precisely which requirements for the granting of a loan for the self-employed and self-employed must be met. Prerequisites include, but are not limited to: place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, an account in the Federal Republic, age of children of full age, current salary and good creditworthiness.

In addition, there are some special features for the self-employed and artisans. Many self-employed people have a regular salary (what are they still going to live from?) – but banks must be able to meet these conditions for further development. That is precisely why the majority of the self-employed fail: they must have a solid and trusting environment.

Well prepared, whether your bank for online financing or not. If your application is not rejected immediately as a self-employed person, this is no cause for celebration. 2. Therefore, you are well advised to carry out the following activities before applying for a loan: additional assets (gold, shares, etc.).

Once you have compiled all the documents on your personal and business circumstances, there is only one more important step left: Check what the house bank is experiencing about you from the bank. Here you can download and submit the annual free disclosure of credit bureau information. Without a credit check, hardly any other bank will fill your order.

After completing all this work, you should be able to assess your own credit rating. Only apply for a loan if you have a good feel for it. The road to a loan for the self-employed and self-employed can be long, which requires a certain preparation. If it does not work, make an appointment with your bank.

Maybe in a private consultation you will convince your bank to trust you. But not immediately get the first best price offer. Loan rates for the self-employed are often so high that there is still room for negotiation.

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