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Winner of the Twinkle Tour 2021 Hans Klassen has become a longtime fan of his parents’ vacation going beyond decorations and attractions every December. For Klassen and his seven siblings, it was an annual highlight.

“It was a big family and we loved to party, so Christmas morning was always a big thing,” he said.

Given the decades of history behind everything in the house and yard, Klassen said making sure things happen on time is a top priority. It is also a question of organization, given the number of articles.

“A lot of things on the tree are between 60 and 80 years old,” he said. “Plus, I keep adding things here and there. The Christmas angel on the tree is the key, we have had it since I was born.

The Klassen Residence has operated a bed and breakfast for almost 30 years, so making the house welcoming comes naturally. In addition to the business, Klassen said her mother was also passionate about the holidays and really loved the lights.

“She just turned 90 this year and she loves Christmas and decorations,” he said. “A big part of life for all of us.

This year’s addition was Christmas trees for the front lawn, adding to the configuration of the archway and deck. Going forward, Klassen said their family will continue to carry on the tradition, with some of his other siblings and their families participating in other festivities.

“One brother disguises himself as Santa Claus, another has torn wrapping paper in the hallways to pretend elves were in the house to decorate and fulfill the children’s Christmas wishes,” he said.

Hans Klassen’s Twinkle Tour winning house appears at 4:18

And the Twinkle Tour winner is hoping other members of the community continue as well, citing the water tower visual as a highlight of entering the Battlefords.

It is something that you see miles away that gives you a warm feeling knowing that it is Christmas time.

One of North Battleford’s most notable trade shows can be found off 100th St.

Rayburn Dental not only has the exterior stacked with lights and decorations, but also has a lively, set to music lineup.

Dr Sherry Rayburn said battlefords NOW that it may set them apart from other businesses, but it’s something she has always insisted on since her kids were little. On her street in Saskatoon, they decorated 14 homes and the dental office has always been lit up during the holidays, eliciting interaction from clients and the public.

“Even in the off season people will come and thank us,” Rayburn said. “As long as others like it, it’s important to do it.”

Keeping the tradition is facilitated by this kind of thanks. Rayburn said it’s not hard to burn energy on this this time of year, which is especially fun for the kids who are arriving.

“People always love it and those comments make you want to do more,” she said. “You appreciate that others appreciate it.”

This year has been a significant development for their team, using animated programming for lights. Rayburn said she learned to build a controller, bought software called xlights and all ordered early to avoid shipping problems. Although they had a few problems initially, they fixed them and the result paid off.

“Next year we can add, now that I understand the software and the controller,” she said. “YouTube is awesome, anyone can learn anything there.”

For others looking to add something similar to their business or home, Rayburn said there’s some security in knowing exactly where your money is going and how it can help people.

“You can spend money or donate it to organizations and ultimately never know where your money is going,” she said. “When you do the job yourself and understand how it all works, you are sure to get what you want and generally you see other people enjoying it as well. “

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