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Jeremy Morris IS Mr. Christmas IN ‘It was the fight before Christmas.

What started like a christmas A bright display event in a sleepy Hayden, Idaho subdivision quickly escalated into a fight with the HOA that sparked threats, legal fights, Fox News segments, sabotage allegations and an appearance guns by armed militants of Idaho Three Percenters.

It’s Christmas for the culture war that still rages in northern Idaho.

We talked about it at length in a crazy 2018 cover, which must be read (and preferably shared on social media) to be believed.

The fight is not over yet. An Idaho judge dismissed the initial victory for the guy who turned up the Christmas lights, but he appealed. Now he has reached the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal, where we are still awaiting a decision.

But in the meantime, the film – or rather the documentary – is about to be released.

It was the fight before Christmas, a documentary by director Becky Read (Three identical strangers) premieres on Apple TV on November 26.

Expect this to be a compelling documentary, not only for the ever-escalating conflict, but for the characters, especially Christmas-loving antagonist protagonist Jeremy Morris.

“It’s a miracle,” Morris says in the trailer. “You don’t get a license for miracles.”

In his interviews with the Interior in 2018, Jeremy Morris sometimes channeled a child’s wide-eyed eagerness on Christmas morning – think Ted Lasso with red and green suspenders instead of a mustache – and other times got angrier and more contentious, saying things like “You paint me in a false light and you will face a lawsuit.” “

Sadly, we’re not in the documentary, although Read’s team has contacted to request an interview.

But we were forced to do talkie interviews because we sold the option of making a film explicitly based on our article to Annapurna Pictures (Zero Dark Thirty, The Master).

We haven’t heard from Annapurna recently. But we still hope the article turns into an exciting drama starring Michael Rapaport as Morris and Lisa Kudrow as one of her neighbors.

In the meantime, read the article! It features not only “Mr. Christmas” but a dog named Ronald Reagan, a camel named Dolly, a neighbor named Dolly who is not a camel, a man named Larry Bird who did not play for the Boston Celtics , and of course, Santa Claus.

Maybe, just maybe, everyone learns the true meaning of Christmas.

Or maybe no one is really learning anything.


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