Teen mum Jenelle Evans has slammed opening Christmas presents at 4am as fans think her children should ‘always be in bed’


TEEN Mom fans have slammed Jenelle Evans for having her kids open Christmas presents at 4 a.m. instead of waiting for a more reasonable time.

The 30-year-old reality star has shared a new video of her, her husband David Eason and the kids getting up “so early” for the holidays and tearing up all the presents first.


Jenelle Evans has shared a new video of her children opening Christmas presentsCredit: Instagram
Fans slammed the ex-Teen Mom star for opening presents for them at four in the morning


Fans slammed the ex-Teen Mom star for opening presents for them at four in the morningCredit: Instagram

Wanting to share how she and her family celebrated the holidays, Jenelle posted a new TikTok from their morning wake up call to their new items for their Christmas dinner.

She captioned: “#MerryChristmas from our family to yours! We had a wonderful day! #SantaWasHere.

In the clip, she went into more detail about the kind of day they were having, which started at four a.m. when Jenelle went to show off their lit Christmas tree and all the presents underneath.

She and her husband David put the finishing touches – bows – on all the presents before the children opened them, as well as the stocking on a coat rack, in a little bit.

At 4:45 a.m., all the children were all gathered on the carpet, diving into their gifts.

Each of the kids got a close-up as they checked out their new toys.

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“What is it,” Jenelle asked as 12-year-old Jace, who she shares with ex Andrew Lewis, opened one of her gifts to find an Oculus VR headset.

They all had “grilled ribs” to eat later in the day, and Jenelle showed off her own gift.

She flaunted her curves in an animal print workout set consisting of a sports bra and leggings while outside in the sun, explaining, “One of my gifts from my husband.”

Jenelle ended the clip by saying “everyone is happy,” but fans didn’t entirely agree with that statement, wondering why they had to start their day at such a hectic time when the kids “still should. be in bed”.

A follower wrote: “4h45 is a bit much lol”

Another commented: “4am? Hell no.

A third said: ‘Why did you wake up at 4am?

After seeing all the comments, Jenelle decided to respond, saying they all got up “because Santa Claus was here.”

She added: “You all, I did NOT want to wake up so early. The kids woke us up.

“I set my alarm clock for 4am.”

The former Teen Mom star said they “tried to go back to sleep by [the kids] woke them up again.

Some fans didn’t believe her, however, with one saying “there’s no way the kids are waking up so early”.

That wasn’t the only issue fans had with what they saw on TikTok, though.

When Jenelle showed off the set of sportswear David had given her, fans noticed that it wasn’t just a cheetah print, but also had “pot leaves” on it.

Teen Mom fans took Reddit to slam David’s gift for Jenelle, as one wrote, “That weedy cheetah print outfit makes me cringe.”

A second was also skeptical and posted, “This outfit though…”

Another commented, “Leopard print weed outfit. Chic.”

One person asked, “Why do you wear leopard print AND cannabis-themed clothes? You have 30 daughters.”

Earlier last week, Jenelle was mocked by fans for the “hilarious” video she recorded with David where she twerked at a gas station while celebrating her 30th birthday.

Jenelle took to TikTok to post the funny video of her and David being pulled over at a gas station as they celebrated the former TV star’s big day.

She donned a short tight red dress, black heels and a jacket for the occasion while her husband wore blue jeans, a brown button down shirt and a brown jacket.

The pair took turns in front of the camera making sexy gestures while refueling.

Followers said children


Followers said children ‘should always be in bed’ instead of starting their day ‘so early’Credit: Instagram
Jenelle also showed off the gift her husband David Eason gave her - a set of workout clothes - and the 'grilled ribs' they all ate


Jenelle also showed off the gift her husband David Eason gave her – a set of workout clothes – and the ‘grilled ribs’ they all ateCredit: Instagram
Teen mum Jenelle Evans shows off ‘dirty’ mirror after fans slammed her for leaving ‘sink overflowing with dishes’ at home

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