The 10 Best Christmas Inflatables 2021


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The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to spread the good humor from near and far. If your Christmas plan includes broadcasting the season’s greetings to your neighborhood, some outdoor Christmas decorations are sure to be in order. Christmas-themed inflatables have become one of the most popular – and definitely the biggest – ways to share your joy. Whether you’re imagining a sparkling mega snowman or a lively winter wonderland, there’s a larger-than-life way to decorate your lawn, below.

What to consider

All the inflatables we include deflate easily and fold up for easy storage; they also all light up. While it seems like that’s all you need to think about when it comes to a Christmas themed inflatable, there are a few other things to keep in mind before you make your final purchase.

Cut: How much space do you have for an inflatable? Think carefully about how much area of ​​your lawn you want a Grinch or Santa Claus scene to take up, and how high you want it to be.

Site: Think about where you want to put this cute inflatable snowman and penguin before you click buy, and if you’re buying the right item for that space. You will also need to place it near an outlet for the fan to work.

How we selected

We have reviewed thousands of inflatables, sourcing the highest quality products possible from reputable companies. We also took professional recommendations and read thousands of user reviews before making our final choices.

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Best Inflatable Christmas Tree

BZB Goods 8ft high inflatable tree

BZB Products

$ 74.99

This polyester inflatable Christmas tree lights up at night and includes stakes, ties and a fan for easy installation. The tree, which is decorated with ornaments and has three colorful gifts under its branches, automatically inflates when plugged into a standard outlet with a built-in fan.

Critics adore this “big tree”, say it is “well made and sturdy on windy days”, and note that it “seems quite durable”.


Best santa claus sitting

GOOSH 5 FT Santa Claus sitting

This 5ft tall seated Santa Claus has a cheerful look which makes him an instant hit. It comes with built-in LED lights and is made of high strength waterproof polyester, which means it can withstand the abuse of the elements.

The inflatable also comes with a powerful blower that will keep it inflated, along with stakes and ropes to secure it so it doesn’t fly off. The fan has a 10 foot power cord, so it must be plugged in.

Reviewers say this “Smaller Sitting Santa” is “sturdy, easy to puff up and super cute!”


Santa Claus on a sleigh

12ft Inflatable Santa

BZB Products

$ 139.99

If you want to put a single element that says it all on your lawn, it would be hard to beat a smiling, waving Santa with a sack of goodies and a sleigh driven by three merry reindeer.

This item automatically inflates when plugged into a standard electrical outlet. It comes with internal lights for nighttime viewing and stakes and ties to keep it secure. When inflated, it measures 144 by 20 by 48.5 inches.

One reviewer said they were “SO happy with this BIG Santa and his reindeer team.”


Best menorah

Rochinha Hanukkah Menorah


$ 69.99

This festive 8ft Hanukkah Menorah features four built-in lights that will light up the menorah and your entire yard. It includes a built-in fan that quickly inflates the entire screen, but must be plugged in to operate. The menorah also comes with sandbags and accessories, so it will stay safely on the ground even in windy conditions.

Reviewers say it “looks amazing and works great!”


Best drone

Rudolph the 32 inch Pre-Lit Red Nosed Reindeer


$ 52.48

This silly and festive statue shows Bumble wearing a Santa hat and wrapped in Christmas lights. The statue is made from a durable steel frame and covered with a soft, colorful fabric. It is equipped with ground stakes and spare bulbs. It needs to be plugged in for all 80 LED lights to work, making it ideal for daytime and nighttime display.

Reviewers “love” the “solid” statue and say they are “very happy” with the purchase.


Madness grumpy

12ft Grinch Gemmy Inflatable

At full height, this Grinch (on a sled, with his dog Max) is 12 feet tall and 9.84 feet wide. It is internally illuminated with LED bulbs for a vibrant nighttime spectacle. The inflatable comes with an integrated fan motor, garden stakes and tether ropes. It inflates on its own, but must be plugged in to operate.

One reviewer said they were “so happy with the quality of this item”, and although some say it is larger than expected, others say “the size is perfect and makes my son extremely happy” .


Best starter

Entrance to Santa’s workshop

The holiday alley

$ 185.99

Forget about making a spectacular entrance while on vacation. Instead, how about creating the most spectacular entrance to your neighborhood? This 10ft high door leading to Santa’s toy store could be placed on a large porch in front of a door or at the entrance to the path to it.

With a rocking horse at the top and two Nutcracker soldiers guarding both towers, this is definitely a gateway to a memorable vacation.


Best winter wonderland

9-foot polar bear, penguin and reindeer play area

The holiday alley

$ 107.99

This 9ft long inflatable features a whimsical arctic scene with a polar bear, penguin and reindeer wearing Santa hats frolicking on a water slide. There is also a festive Christmas tree dotted with ornaments and topped with a star.

The slide is illuminated with LED lights from inside, making it ideal for fun at night. Also included are stakes and ties to keep it secure. This slide automatically inflates when plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

Critics say the “big” facility makes a big impression, especially on children. “We love this fun vacation inflatable,” writes one enthusiast. “It was easy to set up and brings a lot of personality and vacation fun to our backyard!”


Penguins build a snowman

6ft tall inflatable snowman

BZB Products

$ 79.99

This cheerful scene features three smiling penguins wearing Santa hats and scarves “building” a happy snowman, also wearing a big smile, a Santa hat and striped scarves.

It is illuminated by colorful LED lights from the inside, which swirl and cast a warm and festive nighttime glow. The inflatable comes with stakes, ties and a fan that works its magic quickly once plugged in.

Critics say they are “very happy with this purchase”, adding that it is “so cute”. One reviewer notes that its relatively small circumference makes it a good choice for the porch.


Giant gingerbread

Inflatable Christmas Gingerbread

The holiday alley

$ 88.99

This 8ft tall Christmas gingerbread man will add a fun and festive touch to any holiday scene, or serve as a solo ambassador for seasonal fun.

The smiling gingerbread man wears a Santa hat, a striped scarf, and has a large candy cane and presents with him. Installation includes stakes and ties, as well as bright LED lights that swirl around the interior. The gingerbread stage is self-inflating with a built-in fan that works once it’s plugged into any standard electrical outlet.

Reviewers love this “super, beautiful and BIG” inflatable, adding that it is a “perfect addition to our kid-friendly neighborhood.”

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