The best anticipated and personalized Christmas gifts for your entire list


Look at yourself: you’ve heard of the looming supply chain issues and decided to do your holiday shopping sooner, using the designated budget you’ve saved up all year. (You’re a Virgo with a Capricorn moon and an ascending Taurus, aren’t you? You thought so.)

The beauty of shopping so early? You have a delivery time for thoughtful giveaways that may take a little longer to arrive than your average Prime Next Day Panic Giveaway. Want to add a monogram? You have the necessary seven to ten working days! Plus, you won’t miss this year’s “It” giveaway (today’s Cabbage Patch Kids).

All that’s missing is a little inspiration and a few tips on these items that will be selling by November, that’s where this roundup of the best ideas for everyone on the list comes in. early bird buyers.

Early bird gift for your father

Uncommon goods The New York Times front page personalized puzzle, $ 69,

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Combine two things fathers love almost universally – dark moments in history and reading the newspaper – and you have this fun, customizable puzzle. Pick a sentimental date (for example, your birthday or the day their favorite team won the championship) and treat them to hours of puzzling.

Early bird gift for your mom

grape witches Grape Witches Advent Calendar, $ 500,

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While the wine-drinking mother trope is tired, this natural wine advent calendar is inspired, especially if your mother truly appreciates a good glass of organic and biodynamic wine at aperitif time. Not only will she be surprised with 12 unusual natural wines that she won’t find at the LCBO (there’s even a wine-cider hybrid in there), she’ll also receive a festive treat from Toronto bakery Robinson Bread to munch on while ‘she sips. This one is available on November 15th, for information.

Early bird gift for your best friend

Saje Saje 24 Days of Wellness Countdown Calendar, $ 250,

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Nothing says “I see you, Bestie” – and I thought of you way ahead – like an Advent calendar filled with healing treats, one for each silly day of the season. They will be forever grateful to you for Halo Peppermint Roller Soothing Headache Alone. FYI: This will launch on October 29, and you’ll want to be quick.

Early bird gift for your partner

Chic shaving brush Personalized Swanky Badger Decanter, from $ 57,

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Their family emblem, your relational coat rack, a reminder to throw away empty containers instead of putting them back in the fridge … whatever meaningful message you would like to convey to the love of your life, engrave it in crystal with this decanter customizable.

Early bird gift for your brother

Etsy Portrait of Jen Russell Smith’s Custom Home, from $ 223,

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You can make the usual joke gift, but the greatest “psychic” of all for your sibling can be a surprisingly meaningful gift in the form of a painting of your childhood home or the house they have. eventually managed to buy, courtesy of London. -based artist Jen Russell Smith. Her vacation schedule tends to fill up quickly, so get in as soon as possible.

Early bird gift for your coworker

Camellia Sinensis MEDUSA Cup Camellia Sinensis, $ 19,

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Raise a toast to the person whose Slack DM got you through the last 18 months of Zoom meetings (while still commemorating your Before Times coffee groceries, may they rest in peace) with this hand-painted ceramic mug Québécoise Catherine De Abreu, with her signature jellyfish.

Early bird gift for the youngest

Squeaky dogSqueakee the Spotted Balloon Animal Dog, $ 80,

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An animatronic version of a balloon animal – yes, like in those things creepy clowns tie up at birthday parties – this kind of toy has a sales history (see: Furbies) and 2021 looks like the year of the speech, helium-canine filled.

Early bird gift for older children

Lego Lego Super Heroes Avengers: Endgame Final Battle, $ 100,

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Take two cultural behemoths – Lego and the Marvel Universe – and you get this epic playset, certainly one of the most popular tickets of this season. Its landscape, which includes Iron Man’s lab and a time-traveling truck, is almost as sprawling as the comedic franchise itself.

Early bird gift for animal lovers

Meirako Personalized Meirako Necklace with Paw Print, from $ 114,

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Can you really call yourself a pet parent if you don’t wear their paw prints around your neck? Secure their silver or gold imprint forever with this personalized pendant from Meirako, which uses your child’s furry paw print to make a sketch which is then engraved on a pendant. You will be the envy of the dog park.

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