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If you need to get loans urgently and you do not know who you can turn to, here is the solution. On this page we present several loans of 1,000 euros that you can request and enjoy within a period of less than 15 minutes and with a hiring process that you can carry out 100% online.


  • Main characteristics of the 1,000 euros loans
  • 3 types of loans of one thousand euros and higher amounts
  • 5 advantages of online credits of 1,000 euros
  • What are these loans designed for?
  • Requirements to meet to get 1,000 euros loans
  • Documentation to request mini-credits of 1,000 euros
  • Average price of loans up to 1,000 euros
  • Are there loans for high amounts without interest?
  • Will the lender grant me the 1,000 euros I need?
  • How long do the mileuristas loans take to arrive?

Main characteristics of the 1,000 euros loans

Until recently, if we needed money but we did not have savings, our only option was to go to a bank to request the amount that we needed. Although it is still one of the main sources of financing for Spanish families, the situation of our financial market has changed a lot during the last years and we have more options to get the extra financing we need without having to deal with banking traditional.

In this way, since the beginning of the economic crisis of 2008 there are many private lenders with which we can get loans of more than 1,000 euros with a fully online application process. This management process is much quicker and easier compared to that of banks, which will allow us to get the extra money we need so much in a matter of a few minutes.

On the other hand, we must know that the reimbursement period for mini – credits of 1,000 euros usually does not exceed 30 days , although there are specific lenders with which we can repay the loan in advance and interest, and even request extensions of up to 45 days . Also, with the 1,000 euros loans we will not have to contract any type of linked product or pay any hidden fees or costs of any kind.

3 types of loans of one thousand euros and higher amounts

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Bank loans are no longer the only products that we can turn to if we need a sum of money of around 1,000 euros. And is that in recent years, the number of lenders has multiplied, as well as the supply of available credits. For this reason, if we want to obtain financing, we can now choose between the following products :

  1. Minicréditos: with the minicréditos we will be able to obtain money of fast way through a process that is realized totally with a simple process through Internet. With this type of products we can even get loans of more than 1,000 euros in minutes, as they can grant up to 1,500 euros.

  2. Quick loans: if we also want money urgently but need more capital, we have the opportunity to get up to 50,000 euros with banking and non-bank financial entities. This type of quick loans, like the mini-credits, are characterized by their speed and the simplicity with which they are managed but can be returned in a longer period of time that can last between a few months and several years, depending on the amount requested.

  3. Personal loans: we will have the possibility of obtaining much higher amounts that can reach up to 60,000 euros to return in months or up to 10 years. Generally the loan application process of more than 6,000 euros is longer and requires that we present more documentation, although we can also find fast lenders. We will receive a response on the status of our application quickly, so we can have the loan income in less than 24 hours.

Depending on the use we want to make of the money and our own economic circumstances, it will be more convenient for us to opt for one kind of product or another. For example, if we want to quickly resolve a setback, a mini credit can be a good option, whereas if we need financing for a project, personal loans will be much cheaper.

5 advantages of online credits of 1,000 euros

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As the process for requesting and contracting most of the quick loans of 1,000 euros can be done through the Internet or by telephone, we can enjoy many advantages that do not offer most of the traditional credits:

  1. We will not have to physically move to an office of the entity

  2. It will not be necessary to perform long and heavy paperwork

  3. The request for loans with amounts of around 1,000 euros are made in just 10 minutes

  4. Due to its conditions, the probabilities of granting credits of 1,000 euros are much higher than if we request other types of personal loans

  5. We will not have to explain what we want to use the money for

In addition, some companies grant loans of 1,000 euros or more to people whose data appear in lists of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN, although to obtain these credits it is necessary to comply, generally, with two extra requirements: first, that the debt is not related to a credit institution and it does not exceed a maximum amount that is usually 1,000 euros (although some companies accept debts of up to 2,000 euros).

What are these loans designed for?

Many loans of up to 1,000 euros are designed, mainly, to face unexpected incidental expenses that require an extra liquidity . Consequently, we can ask them if we are surprised by a setback and urgently need a relatively small sum of money in a matter of minutes. For example, we can use them to pay high bills that have gone out of budget, to finance the driver’s license, to settle debts, etc.

As we see, we can give them the use we want to the loans 1,000 euros, but always bearing in mind that these are loans that we will have to repay in the short term and that, if we do not repay them in the agreed time, we run the risk of becoming indebted and enter a spiral of debt from which we will find it very difficult to leave.

In addition, we must be aware that if we do not refund the credits of up to 1,000 euros correctly our data may be included in a list of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN, with the problems that this situation leads to our possibilities of accessing financing when we need Extra money.

Requirements to meet to get 1,000 euros loans

As 1,000 euros is a relatively small amount, normally it is not necessary to meet very strict requirements to lend us that amount of money. The conditions of access to credit may vary according to the lender, although usually all of them will require the following:

  • Be over 18 years old (although the minimum may be increased until 21 or 25 depending on the company).

  • Be permanent residents in Spain.

  • Receive a stable, demonstrable monthly income that convinces the lender that we will be able to repay the loan 1,000 euros after the agreed period. These will not necessarily have to be a payroll, but we can also present income for unemployment compensation, for a pension, for a scholarship or for rents, among others. In general we will have to have a source of income higher than 500 euros.

  • Not have outstanding debts or be enrolled in ASNEF. If we are, the only way to obtain financing will be with the mini-credits with ASNEF.

Although, as we have said, this last requirement will vary among the lenders since with some we will have the opportunity to obtain credits with ASNEF (provided that our debts are not related to a financial institution, nor exceed the limit established by the entity).

Documentation to request mini-credits of 1,000 euros

Many loans of 1,000 euros are requested through the websites of financial institutions, so in these cases you do not have to submit many documents to prove that you are solvent. In fact, in general, during the procedures we will only have to prove our identity and our income so that the lender verifies that there is no identity theft and that we receive enough money to repay the loan. Let’s see what documentation must be provided for it:

  • A photocopy of our DNI / NIE or passport so that they can verify our data and that we are residents in Spain, an indispensable condition for obtaining 1,000 euros of loans.

  • Proof of our income as a payroll, a pension or a benefit that demonstrates that we can have sufficient liquidity to reimburse the total cost of the loan of 1,000 euros in the established time.

  • Bank statement so that the company can analyze our level of solvency.

Sometimes our identity, our income and our account number can be demonstrated quickly if the lender allows us to connect directly to our bank’s online banking. This is possible with the automatic identity verification systems that integrate some private capital companies into their service and that allow streamlining the application process.

Average price of loans up to 1,000 euros

The price of any loan is determined, to a large extent, by its interest rate. In the case of personal bank loans , this is currently between 6% and 10% , approximately, while in the case of private fast loans , it is usually from 3% per month . In both cases, the lender can charge us commissions or even connection expenses (insurance, cards, etc.).

But there are some products that deserve a separate chapter: mini-credits of 1,000 euros . In this case, the interest tends to be much higher, 1.1% daily on average , although commissions are almost never charged. Due to its high price, these loans should only be requested to solve specific incidentals.

If we want to know how much a specific 1,000-euro loan costs, we can find out in the credit comparison that we offer in this same portal . Likewise, most of the entities have simulators that will allow us to know the price of their credits.

Are there loans for high amounts without interest?

Image result for question faceYes As the Spanish lender entities are waging a kind of price war, some of them have launched to grant loans totally free (at 0% APR) to outperform their competitors. However, we must always be careful with this type of offer, because sometimes they can hide additional costs in their “small print”. Let’s see what precautions it is advisable to take depending on who offers us financing at zero cost:

  • Those managed by private companies : we can find some private equity companies that will allow us to get really mini-credits at zero cost. Usually it is the first application, which offers us loans of 300 euros and for which we will not have to pay a single euro in interest, commissions or expenses of any other type: if they grant us 300 euros, we will only have to return 300 euros .

  • Those managed by banks: we will find loans at 0%, but to know if a loan is truly without interest we will have to look at your interest TAE. Many times it is played with the offer of loans without interests when in fact they refer to loans to 0% TIN that usually include other costs in their price like commissions or linked products. On the other hand, if your APR is zero, we will not have to pay another type of hidden costs.

To assess all the expenses that can be included in interest-free loans, we have to carefully read the fine print of the contract and check whether, in fact, the loan will be completely free.

Will the lender grant me the 1,000 euros I need?

That they grant us or not 1,000 euros loans will depend on the results of the risk analysis of our profile made by the financial institution. Through this study, the lender can ensure that we will have the necessary solvency to return the cost of the loan within the agreed term.

Therefore, they will grant us our credit of 1,000 euros or more, depending on the result of the credit analysis that will consist of the following operations:

  • Our credit history : entities will check how many loans we have requested throughout our lives and if we have repaid them within the term, by consulting the Bank of Spain’s Risk Information Center (CIRBE). Clearly if we have a good credit history, our chances of getting loans will be higher.

  • Our history of defaults : from financial institutions will also check if we have unpaid loans by checking the database of files of defaulters in our country as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN.

  • Our ability to pay : usually to check, the entity will want to know what our income is, as well as the expenses we have each month. In this way you can have a global vision of how much money we can allocate to pay the loan of 1,000 or more.

  • Our socio-economic situation : that is, if we have a stable job, how long have we been working in the same place, if we are married, children or someone in our charge, etc.

The speed of the risk analysis will vary depending on the type of loan that we have requested and the lender entity. In the case of private companies, we will receive a response almost instantaneously, since they offer loans of less than 1,000 euros and, therefore, their requirements are more flexible and take little time to evaluate the requests . On the other hand, in the case of more loans, we may not receive a response until after several days, unless we request a quick loan from a bank or private lender.

How long do the mileuristas loans take to arrive?

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It depends . If we talk about loans of 1,000 euros bank, the income can be immediate (in the case of pre-granted) or after two days and two weeks, depending on the hurry that the entity is given. In contrast, private equity companies are much faster and can grant us credit in just 15 minutes. Of course, if the client’s account is not in the bank with which the company works, the transfer of money may take up to two business days.

Therefore, if we want to get our money as soon as possible, we can consult the following free guide “When will the money come from your mini-credit,” where we will find information about where we should go based on our financing needs and our profile.

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