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Kevin and Patty Dusenbury of Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home, Shinglehouse, thanks to the extreme generosity of many donors to the Gift of Memory program, delivered an impressive amount of toys and gifts to Coudersport Christmas House on Tuesday 11 November. 24.

Kevin and Patty and the Klesa family delivered the toys, who adopted the Gift of Memory program to honor their son and brother, Jon, bringing over 500 gifts and toys donated by family and friends this year.

Dusenbury said: “We have first year donors who continue to donate and new donors each year. We had several donors who contributed money which allowed us to shop for specific needs in order to purchase items for older children.

Dusenbury, owner and funeral director of Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home in Shinglehouse and Potter County Coroner, said: “We are once again amazed at the generosity of so many, especially in this very difficult year. . We received a call from the Christmas House volunteers indicating that they were in urgent need of gifts this year. We started collecting gifts early on at their request. This is possibly the most gifts we have ever collected and we sincerely thank everyone who has donated, ensuring that despite the unprecedented year we are in, many less fortunate individuals and families will have a Christmas. more radiant and happier. On behalf of the Klesa and Dusenbury families, we wish everyone a beautiful, blessed and very Merry Christmas.

The following toys and gifts were donated:

  • In memory of his family Russ Baker
  • In memory of Bud Slocum by Carolyn Slocum
  • In memory of those close to Dee and Roger Prince
  • In Memory of Ben and Beulah Steckhahn by Pat Peterson
  • In memory of Sara Hetrick and Paul Hetrick by John Hetrick
  • In Memory of Virginia Goodnoe by Susan Hetrick
  • Anonymous
  • In memory of Dean and Gladys Howard by Diane Gilroy
  • In memory of Douglas Perry, Juanita Perry, Kenneth Perry, Myra Bledsoe and Harold Bledsoe of Paul and Pat Perry.
  • In memory of Bud Slocum by Carolyn Slocum and Penny Baker
  • In memory of Wayne and Brenda Varga’s Clyde Clemons.
  • In memory of Jordan Whitsell Howard of Pat and BJ Howard and the Boys.
  • In memory of Mike “PaPa” Reed and Dawson Mesler of Chris Carpenter.
  • In memory of Dot Hagan and Darlene Herzog of Chere Carpenter.
  • In memory of Thomas “Tim” and Gertrude “Fritz” Traska and Barbara Adams of Tami and Larry Adams.
  • In memory of Bill and Lina Mesler and Clair and Mildred Learn by Keith and Pam Learn.
  • In memory of Ron Worden of Clinton and Tracy Burrows.
  • In memory of Elsie, Joe, Steve, Fran and Bob Dynda, Dawn McManus, Joe Watson, Richard Durst, Joe, June, Dan, Bob and Tom Boyd of Joe and Kathy Boyd.
  • In memory of the friends and family of Ron and Sue Brown.
  • In memory of Billy Goode, Bill Turner, Barb Shelp, Shirley Goode, Jayson Turner and Betty George of Shawn and Christina Shelp and the Girls.
  • In memory of Dave Brabham of Bev Brabham and his family
  • In memory of Edwin Sturdevant by Ginger Sturdevant
  • In memory of Burdett West, Loyd West and Justin West of GFS employees.
  • In memory of Doug and Deloris Evingham by Jane Perkins.
  • In memory of Sandy Walmer’s Heather Siebert-Baker.
  • In memory of Carol Clower’s Thomas Smutnik.
  • In memory of Bob and Betty Barger, Bernice and Manford Dusenbury, and Jim and Gloria Taylor of Rob, Kathryn, Brody and Gwynne Barger.
  • In memory of Nelson Heller, Bernice and Manford Dusenbury, Jim and Gloria Taylor and Delilah of Kevin Jr. and Nicole Dusenbury.
  • In memory of those who served at the Virgil L. Howard Funeral Home of Kevin and Patty Dusenbury.
  • In memory of Bernice and Manford Dusenbury and Jim and Gloria Taylor of Kevin and Patty Dusenbury.
  • In memory of Jason Quinn, Sue Shall, Eva Coyle and Laura Quinn Lt. Col. John W. Quinn Sr..
  • In memory of Herbie Blanchard, Scotty Schultz and Donny ZZ Wilson of Mark and Trish Fowler.
  • In memory of the family of Bob and Barb Graves
  • In memory of Tony and Emma Petrosewitz and Joyce Wichert of Kent and Lisa Wichert and Family.
  • In memory of Dale Saulter of Barney and Betty Saulter.
  • In memory of Daniel and Margaret Karr of Steve and Sue Brabham.
  • In memory of George Brabham and Pearl Brabham of John and Amy Turek.
  • In memory of Bobbie Jo Kellogg and Jason Palmer of Bridget Graham and Pam Palmer
  • In memory of the family and friends of Kelly and Denny Keech and the family
  • In memory of the family and friends of Shawn, Jackie and Ashley Keane
  • In Memory Of Melanie Rathbun By Claire Rathbun
  • In memory of the family and friends of Jeff and Joanne Good, Zach and Stephanie Good, and Melanie and Tanner
  • In memory of Louie and Mary Lou Perkins by Becky Ebbert
  • In memory of Albin and Betty Danielson, Brenda Okerland, Martin and Frances Tarbell of Mike and Debbie Tarbell
  • In memory of Frances Jusko and Melanie Rathbun by Rachel Rathbun
  • In memory of the loved ones of customers and employees of Shinglehouse Dollar General
  • In memory of Sandra Goodenough of the Goodenough family
  • In memory of Freda Reed of the Reed family
  • In Memory of Chuck Harris by Tina Harris
  • In memory of Paul and Lola Fosmer, James and Jean Woodard and Lynn Kemp by Garrett Fosmer and Kori Johnston
  • In memory of Dan Harris of Brittney and Conor Harris
  • In memory of Jack Costello of Derek, Kaitlynn and Charlie Costello
  • In memory of Shirley A. Hyde of Allen E. Hyde.
  • In loving memory of Jon Goerner of:
  • Claude and Nancy Seely
  • Carole and Nick Troupe
  • Robin and Lenny Anderson
  • Brandy, Garrett and Clara Lunger
  • Casey klesa
  • Jack and Penny Gavitt
  • Rick harder
  • Carla Murehead
  • Wanda wright
  • Patty and Bob Ransom
  • Georges kertis
  • The Burdick family (Ron, Vicki, Dalton, Alyssa, Kaleelah and Devon)
  • Kevin and Iris Evingham
  • David and Georgia Goodwin
  • Jordan, Kat, Alex and Charlotte Leete
  • Kim and Bob Alexander
  • Sue and Ray Lawrence
  • Tara and Dan Licht family
  • Cream and Sugar
  • Cheryl Gould
  • Bill and Caroline Powers and family
  • Coudersport desk of real estate pioneers Howard Hannah
  • Steve and Judy Plotts
  • Sami and Erick Duzick
  • Toni and Leo Haight
  • Kim and John sheets
  • Brian Buck and his family
  • Cortney Gentzyel by Bleu Daffodil Boutique
  • Kerry Ehrensberger
  • Bill and Beckie Gould
  • Kenny, Susan, Lilly and Victoria Klesa
  • Amber and Scott Easton and their family
  • Mason Klesa and Danielle Sloan
  • Megan Klesa and Adinn Kellert
  • Leona Goerner and Tyler Lawrence
  • Jim and Dee Klesa (Mom and Dad)


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