The huge Christmas decorations of the French house attract thousands of visitors


Christmas decorations on a house in Pas-de-Calais, northern France, attract up to 800 visitors each night, after taking more than a month and a half and up to €15,000 to install.

Many of us can decorate our homes with a few outdoor Christmas lights and call it a day for outdoor decorating, but Hugo Capron, 22, in Neuvireuil (Pas-de-Calais) has gone much, much further.

Its decorations include an illuminated Ferris wheel, illuminated reindeer and penguins, a fake snow cannon, ceiling lights, huge baubles, a golden arch and even Christmas music to match.

Its mini ‘Christmas grotto’, which will be open all December, now attracts up to 800 people a night, with parents bringing their children to enjoy the lights, dance to the music and take photos amid the glow

Mr. Capon told FranceInfo that Christmas decorations “are his passion”, and said he originally spent €10,000-15,000 on the decorations around seven years ago when he was just a teenager.

This year it invested an additional €1,500 to update and fix some, and started planning for the 2021 display more than six weeks ago.

He said: “Seeing happy children and parents makes me even happier, and [the] the work I have done is of some use. Even if the [lights] are really expensive, I usually leave but come back to buy them two or three days later anyway.”

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