The internet supports a couple who deliberately buy annoying Christmas gifts for their nieces and nephews


A couple have received praise online after finding a hilarious and inventive way to hit back at their demanding siblings this Christmas.

According to Gallup, American consumers expect to spend about $886 on Christmas gifts on average in 2021. That’s more than any amount previously expected in the past 20 years.

However, at least one couple seems to be taking a stand against rampant party consumerism. In a post shared to the MaliciousCompliance subreddit on Reddit, a man described how he and his wife set out to get revenge on their siblings after they were “essentially ordered” to buy expensive gifts for their loved ones. nieces and nephews this Christmas.

According to the post, their siblings felt they could afford it because they were “well off”. This description apparently angered the couple who, according to the man, are “not really” well off but just “financially responsible”.

Following requests, the couple “decided to be vindictive this year” by giving their nieces and nephews a series of gifts meant to stress their parents.

The list of gifts already purchased includes Play Dough, which the man says “sticks to everything”, as well as five kilograms of multicolored Kinetic Sand which he says “goes everywhere”.

Their list of devilishly brilliant gifts also includes “gooey slime”, “easy-fill water balloons” and an “age-appropriate” Nerf gun for good measure. “Should be a fun Christmas,” wrote the man who posted.

In an update on the post, the man explained that they deliberately avoid things like drums and other noisy toys because his “sisters work night shifts in the hospital”.

He also pointed out that a lot of expense was saved with the purchased gifts. “You ask someone for expensive gifts; you get cheap, boring gifts instead,” he wrote. “But will the kids care? No. They’ll think it’s the best Christmas ever.”

The man added that the idea could even form the basis of a “new Christmas tradition” depending on whether his siblings are “naughty or nice”.

Meanly, vindictive and a whole lot of fun, the man’s efforts proved popular on Reddit, with the post garnering over 33,000 upvotes and a ton of suggestions from equally devious users.

“Buy stickers online,” HHCE91 wrote. “Look out for the ones that have terrible reviews because they don’t peel off anymore.”

“Sequins,” GG-OO suggested. “Lots, and lots of glitter for kids to craft.”

“They’re going to love the Yellies,” Steelong commented. “It’s a toy spider that goes faster the louder you scream. No need to give them a loud toy, give a toy that only works when you’re loud.”

Cynner69 added: “Perler beads. So much multi-color aggravation in tiny little orbs. Great drop and travel potential too!” Jasped, meanwhile, suggested, “You should add Spider-Man web shooters with five silly string packs to fill. You know, the type that’s colorful and gets everywhere. Especially the ceiling.”

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Image of a boy and a girl opening presents at Christmas. A couple have won wide support for their playful choice of gifts for their nieces and nephews.

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