The Maison de Noël reopens for its last season in the southern part


ELMIRA, NY (WETM) – It’s the start of the final season for the iconic Christmas House on Maple ave.

The Christmas House spent 39 Christmas holidays in the southern part. This season, the staff at The Christmas House are preparing to say goodbye.

“When we get to the bitter end, which I hate to think of at the very end, but when we do, we’ll be calling a lot of our community charities that we’ve had over the years, to see if they can. there is anything they can use for, you know, future events or future promotions that they have, ”said Julie Delgrosso, Elf in charge, The Christmas House

As the final season draws to a close, the Holiday Gift Shop will focus on giving back to the community through its lasting partnerships and community relationships over the years.

“So we’re going to comb through our archives for the people we can help in the community who can benefit from whatever we have left at the end,” Delgrosso said.

This will be the most memorable year for Southern Tier buyers. They will have the chance to buy Christmas decorations and Christmas decorations for the last time.

The Christmas House will be open every day until the beginning of January. However, the sale of the vacation homes will begin in November of this year.


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