The paw party Christmas gifts for your pet


The furry, finned and feathered family members will likely receive a larger than usual package under the Christmas tree this year. Find out what’s on offer this year.

The furry, finned and feathered family members will likely receive a larger than usual package under the Christmas tree this year.

While some animals will receive a chew toy, others could receive gifts worth several hundred dollars.

A new study from eBay Australia shows that nearly a third of people will buy a Christmas present for their pets, resulting in a collective spending of $ 360 million on animal gifts.

Men plan to spend an average of $ 71 on their pets, while women will spit out $ 56.

“When it comes to spending money, our scaly friends will be spoiled the most, with owners claiming they will spend $ 100 on Christmas presents for their fish (compared to an average of $ 60),” said Sophie Onikul of eBay Australia.

“Pandemic pets will also do better than those adopted before Covid with an average of $ 80 spent. This is not surprising given that during recent lockdowns we have seen pet owners shopping for items such as grooming products and leashes, as well as pet clothing with Hawaiian dog shirts at the fashion. ”

About 69 percent of households have at least one pet, according to a survey by Animal Medicines Australia.

The RSPCA adopted 25,000 animals in 2021 as Australians across the country welcomed a furry companion to improve their physical and mental health during the lockdown.

“People have had time to think about what is important in their lives and made the appropriate lifestyle adjustments so that they can welcome a pet into their lives,” said an RSPCA spokesperson.

“It is heartwarming to see the continued support for pet adoptions nationwide. ”

So what are the best pet gifts?


James Winrow of Petbarn says the retailer is seeing an increase in demand for holiday gifts.

“Pet parents love to give their pets a wrapped gift on Christmas morning, so we have a special line of reindeer, Santa, elf, elf and candy cane themed toys and costumes to stir up a stir. tail and purr, ”he said.

“For the first time in five years, we are offering pet friendly Advent calendars and stockings that allow pets to enjoy the same traditions as the rest of the family.

“We are experiencing much higher than expected demand for these products, with sales twice as high as expected in the opening week of the Christmas line launch, indicating that pets are going to be in for a treat.”

Karen Yang from Elegant dog says practical gifts such as swim jackets will be popular.

“The matching pajamas make the perfect family photo,” she says. “We are launching a new Christmas line that includes Christmas-themed bow ties and bandanas as well as necklaces and leashes. ”

The RSPCA says other popular toys include items that keep pets occupied and mentally stimulated with treats if owners are not at home. His online shop has gift options.


Every year Emma Williams puts her dogs Poppy (jack russell), Marshall (poodle / beagle), Faith (husky) and Freddy (labrador / kelpie) on her party shopping list.

“Freddy loves balls, Poppy loves stuffed animals, Marshall loves interactive toys and Faith loves to play with anything. Treats and bones are definitely at the top of the list, ”she says.

“They are an integral part of our family and we love to spoil them. I guess these are our furry kids and they give us so much so it’s great to give them something too.


If you are thinking of buying a pet for Christmas, the RSPCA asks you to think twice.

“Before adopting, please consider your long-term commitments and how your pet will fit into your life 10 or even 20 years from now. Animals are living creatures and they all deserve a loving and stable home.


The best trends and gift ideas from eBay Australia.

Calming: 24% of owners say they want a toy that comforts their pet. As more and more people return to the office, the K&H Mother’s Heartbeat pillow which simulates a mother’s heartbeat is designed to calm anxious puppies during times of separation. For cats, the Catit Cat Senses 2.0 Wellness Center includes brushes, textures and massage ridges to help cats relax and groom themselves.

Interactive: The automatic ball launcher (above, available at Petbarn and eBay) will allow dogs to exercise for longer without the owner – ideal for those with arms tired of playing fetch. There is no excuse to miss a picnic with the dog carrier bike basket which allows animals to be taken anywhere and everywhere.

Sustainable: Gen Z seek products that reflect their values ​​and over a quarter (27%) seek sustainable / eco-friendly pet toys. The BECO ecological catnip wand Includes a hummingbird catnip toy to keep cats engaged in the game while being more eco-friendly.


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