‘The Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond Shares Her Favorite Christmas Decorating Trick: ‘More Is More’


The pioneer woman Star Ree Drummond loves to go overboard with her Christmas decorations, but it wasn’t always that way. Drummond explained why she changed her outlook on decorating, especially now that her kids are grown.

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Ree Drummond decided to go big with Christmas decorating

In a December 2021 interview with Mashed, Drummond explained why she made the leap to “more is more” when it comes to Christmas decorations.

When asked, “What are some of your favorite holiday decorating tips and decorating hacks?” The pioneer woman The star shared just a taste of how her style has changed from being “low key” over the years.

“It’s funny because I used to be so low key with Christmas decorations,” Drummond replied. “I would have placed in the bottom percentile in terms of anything I would do. I’ve always had a big tree, but I’ve never really filled my house with a lot of decor.

Things changed, however, when her children grew up. “Over the past five or six years, I’ve decided that more is more. I think when my kids left home, I wanted them to come home from college and beyond, and that they really come in and see that Christmas has exploded in our house,” she explained.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s favorite decorating trick is to ‘have fun’

As for Drummond’s advice, she said not to worry about overly cluttered Christmas decorations because it’s temporary. “I think one thing I would say is have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously,” she explained.

The pioneer woman The star continued, “I’m definitely more into the fun holiday decorating business. I like things that have bright, fun colors, little sentiments and sayings. I was a little scared of cluttering things up and making things look too similar, but now I’ve totally moved on. I’ll put little holiday signs on just about every table.

Drummond has the best outlook on holiday decorating now. “It’s such a short time of year that I think I would encourage people to go out there and have fun,” she shared. “More is more.”

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Drummond has the perfect way to reduce holiday stress

Putting up Christmas decorations is a fun and relaxing way to celebrate the season, but the big family holiday meal sometimes stresses people out. Drummond gave Mashed some of his tips for making mealtime as stress-free as possible.

The pioneer woman star is a big fan of planning and prepping things ahead of time to make a big meal go smoothly. “What I do when I’m planning a big meal is I have the recipes in front of me, or at least the list in front of me, and I go through each one and figure out what can be done on the third day at the end of the meal. advance, the second day in advance, and I plan it,” she explained.

Having everything organized, Drummond said, “makes the holiday meal and the holiday get-together not only enjoyable for me, but enjoyable for my guests because I can talk, I can visit, they can help with things. simple”.

Drummond also advised dropping anything that could go wrong during the holiday gathering, as it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme.

“Sometimes if something goes wrong, if you overcook the prime rib – I mean, it’s sad actually, I’ve done it before and it’s not good – you can always laugh at the holiday food mishaps”, The pioneer woman said the star. “And cooking the bag of giblets in the turkeys is still a classic, but don’t stress yourself out.”

She continued, “Have fun, not everything has to be perfect; being together, as we would probably all agree, is what it’s all about these days.

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