The Sloth’s Humorous Guide to Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gifts


You’ve done it again: procrastinate until the last minute to shop for Christmas.

And thanks to supply chain issues and product shortages, it may be harder than in previous years to rush to save Christmas.

Never scared! Even if you can’t cook, sew, cook, saw, sand, paint, knit or draw, even if you’ve never heard of Martha Stewart, you can successfully complete the following craft projects with items you have lying around your home or office.

Imagine the fun when you surprise your loved ones with unique handmade gifts like a Post-it Note Christmas wreath, a bouquet of pencil cups or a junk drawer Advent calendar.

Prepare to simper modestly saying, “Why, yes, actually, I did it myself.”

Let’s start.

A Very Coffee Christmas

If your office is still deserted, you may find that it can be used as your own Santa’s workshop for construction and Christmas gift materials.

There are probably a lot of abandoned coffee cups that haven’t been touched in almost two years. Find one that has the least mold, fill it with pens you find on your desk or in the office stash, and tie a ribbon around it. Boom! Merry Christmas!

If you want to go for that extra artisanal touch, opt for a cup full of crayons. (Be sure to let your lucky recipient know that you individually hand-sharpened each pencil.)

Put a crown on it

You may have seen Post-its in the office stash. Grab a bunch, especially if they come in green or red. Simply stick them in a roughly circular pattern to virtually any surface, add a Post-it Note bow, and you’ve just created a rustic, festive Christmas wreath.

Make it an advent

If you have a cardboard box, some tape, a utility knife, and a Sharpie, you’re almost halfway to creating your own personalized Advent calendar.

Just start cutting out little doors from the cardboard, number them with the days of the month, and glue little gifts to the back of the cardboard flaps.

Where do you find these gifts? Go Marie Kondo on your trash drawers at home.

Paperclips, safety pins, Canadian coins, zipper pulls, lip balms, wine corks, re-gifted gift cards and those spare button packs that come with new clothes can be put together for a calendar of Advent much more personal than a store bought. collection of miniature liquor bottles, for example.

Garlands and ornaments

As you gather materials for your advent calendar, be on the lookout for items for our next project. Here, you’ll create a Christmas wreath by tying your collection of unused tech charging cables into a long shiny strand. You can use it as a garland to adorn a fireplace or hang above a door.

Or better yet, decorate a miniature Christmas tree bought at a last minute sale. If you’re like us, you have a bunch of outdated cell phones and non-working remotes that you never bothered to throw away. For an extra touch of jewellery, these can be upcycled into high-tech Christmas tree ornaments.

An unforgettable month of December

All you have to do is find some ribbons to stun your loved one as they wake up on Christmas morning and see a car in the driveway with a big bow stuck on the roof.

Their joy may fade a bit when they realize it’s the same car they’ve been driving for eight years. That’s when you tell them that the ribbon symbolizes your real gift: taking the car to get washed — as soon as it warms up a bit.

mobile art

Finally, it’s probably been months since you had to wear clothes fancy enough to need hanging up. Let’s turn those hangers collecting dust in the closet into an artistic mobile.

Combine a coat hanger with some string, tape, paper clips, twist ties, and maybe a pencil or chopstick or two. Dangle a range of old face masks and spare latex gloves. You just made a Calder-worthy artistic statement about humanity suspended in pandemic limbo.

Happy holidays and happy crafting!


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