The Sterling Heights Christmas House is a December must-see


STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) — “I love the city, the town, the community,” said Sterling Heights resident Dan Wesner.

Wesner was born and raised in Sterling Heights on Irval Drive near 18 Mile and Utica roads. He married his high school girlfriend, bought his childhood home when his parents decided to sell it, and raised his children there.

“Oh, Christmas, I love Christmas!” Wesner said.

Now the Wesner house is known as the Christmas house.

“It’s just a happy time of year and I think it’s addicting,” Wesner said.

The displays are made of his love for the community. Whether it’s the keepsake of a lost family member, a tribute to a high school coach, or a jersey with his son’s number on it, it all comes from his heart and he’s been doing it for about 20 years.

Wesner says it’s a six-week install and what makes this display unique is that it’s designed for people to enjoy day or night.

“Here there are about eight scenes and every year I take one scene out and add one,” Wesner said.

This year’s addition is the hot air balloon.

“I think the kids are the best part about it,” Wesner added.

He says the neighbors have been so amazing over the years.

“It’s really good,” Andrea Cull said. “Traffic is getting a bit heavy, but we really appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Wesner as next door neighbors.”

Cull says his 6-year-old daughter is obsessed. However, there is one rule: Wesner has pledged to spend no more than $250 per year, so most of its displays are handmade or second-hand.

“The guys are PVC, and I sew the faces and the clothes are from the Salvation Army,” Wesner said.

Her family celebrates her community every day in December.

“Christmas Eve is crazy, it’s bumper to bumper,” Wesner said.

The Wesner Christmas House is a community staple for the holidays!

“It’s pretty simple,” Wesner said. “The reward is so worth the effort. It’s not even close.”


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