There are the most insulting Christmas gifts you can give


Giving can be difficult. Full disclosure I still have several people I don’t know what to get for Christmas. But there are things you should never consider. Have you ever received a crumpled 5 dollar bill in a Christmas card? Or soap? Well, CardSnacks surveyed over 1,000 people to find out more about their experiences giving and receiving what many would consider “insulting” gifts. Some were given intentionally, others may have had good intentions. But good intentions do not always mean well received.

I was surprised to learn that 57% of people say they have received an insulting gift. And 79% of them think the gift was intended to be insulting. Cash was identified as one of the most insulting gifts. It may seem last minute, shows a lack of creativity, and may give implications of poor money management.

Main findings

  • One in three people said they would be inclined to give an insulting gift on purpose.
  • Money was reported as the most insulting gift for reasons ranging from lack of personalization to implications of poor money management or last-minute appearance.
  • Relationships after an insulting gift exchange were most damaged when the recipient feigned excitement over the gift.

Study: the most insulting gifts

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