Thieves steal from famous Novato Christmas house


NOVATO (KRON) – A Novato house goes all out to decorate Christmas, both inside and outside the house.

It takes months to settle in and tens of thousands of people come to visit each holiday season.

This week, as the family closed their doors, they noticed that some of their personal items inside the house had been stolen.

And now the theft has left them wondering whether or not they want to continue spreading all the holiday cheer.

There is not an inch of the Rombeiro house that is not decorated for Christmas.

“We love Christmas,” said Kathy Rombeiro. “Christmas is definitely in our hearts. ”

Love – shown in eight rooms filled with trains, swaying Santas, shining angels, and shining ornaments.

For almost 30 years, the family has invited the community inside for free to make spirits shine.

3000 people come one evening to see it all.

“It’s a crazy race, that’s what I can tell,” said Kathy.

As the family just won a nationwide holiday light contest, the crowds poured in.

Unfortunately, on Sunday evening, a visitor slipped the phones of Kathy’s parents into the kitchen.

“When I went back to look at the phones, they weren’t there anymore,” she said.

Theft put a damper on the holiday cheer.

“For someone to come in and take the phones, it’s really hard to swallow to be honest,” Kathy said.

Between the electric bill and the sugarcane fees, buying new phones was not on the wish list.

Although the trust was broken, it could have been worse.

“We’re glad it wasn’t something more valuable,” said Kathy. “Or even a decoration that means something to us.”

For a minute, the Rombeiro considered closing.

But a Grinch flying cell phone is not going to bring the joy out of the Christmas house.

“We don’t want to stop what we’re doing because it brings joy to many and brings us joy,” said Kathy.


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