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On Saturday, December 18, between 7 a.m. and noon, Tillamook County Law Enforcement Officers went shopping for the 17th year at the Tillamook Fred Meyer store.

The goal of the Shop with a Cop program is to build trust and lasting relationships between children in the Tillamook County area and law enforcement officers.

We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this as our 17th year. Over the years we have served so many children in need. We now serve children whose parents are former participants.

This program was originally started in 1978 by Georgia Schreiner and a police officer from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was designed to give children who have had negative contact with law enforcement the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for themselves and/or family members. This may include eviction from their home, an inquest into the death, and/or other unpleasant contact. It also served to enhance the image of the police in the eyes of these children. The program was a big hit in Tillamook County and has since become an annual event with Tillamook Law Enforcement and Fred Meyers.

Our goal is to have 45 children ages 4-10 in Tillamook County shopping Saturday at Fred Meyers. Officers achieved this goal and shopped with 46 children in all.

Currently, each child will receive approximately $100 to shop. To date, we have served over 940 children. You are welcome to donate to the program at any time of the year through Friends of the Police of Tillamook (non-profit) www.friendsoftillamookpolice.org

Saturday’s events began with a breakfast provided by Fred Meyer’s Deli. This breakfast was an excellent “icebreaker” for the officer and the child. After breakfast, the officers and the children begin to do their shopping. Children shopped for themselves, their siblings and parents. There are a few rules and the officers all know what rule number one is, have fun! The staff at Fred Meyer are always fantastic and very accommodating during this time.

Law enforcement officers from Tillamook Police, Manzanita Police, Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon State Police and U.S. Coast Guard Station Tillamook Bay were all on hand to take the kids shopping.

This program is strictly funded by donations. We thank the Tillamook County community for continuing to support the Shop with a Cop program. You can visit www.friendsoftillamookpolice.org and donate there or send money to the Tillamook Police Department at 207 Madrona Avenue, Tillamook, OR 97141


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