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HAVERFORD – For traditionalists, the Friday after Thanksgiving is a time to turn their attention away from the turkey and into the holiday season by decorating their homes.

Rob Cook was busy setting up his display of more than a dozen inflatable decorations on his lawn on Glendale Road in the Manoa section on Friday.

“I love Christmas,” Cook said as he and his 15-year-old nephew Michael Egan set up the wires and staked out the many Christmas inflatables that fill his lawn. “When we moved here from Philadelphia, we brought what we had and just kept adding to it.”

Cook said his favorite was the van with Santa hanging from the driver’s seat. The inflatable looks like a hippie van with a decorated tree on top, hippie elves and the words “Make nice not naughty” on the side.

“He looks like Jerry Garcia (of the Grateful Dead), Cook said. “We had him before we moved to the area 11 years ago, although he’s starting to wear out.”

In addition to the hippie, van Cook has a number of “Star Wars” characters, including Baby Yoda and BB-8. There is also a Mickey Mouse, Rudolph, Snoopy and Olaf from the movie “Frozen”.

Cook said he gets most of his toppers from local retailers like Lowe’s, though he also finds them on the internet. Prices for inflatables can easily run into the hundreds of dollars.

Cook said his wife Laura took care of decorating the interior of the house while he took care of the exterior.

He had no problems with inflatable decorations blowing in the wind. “You just have to tie them better,” he said.

“I got two new ones this year, a train and a Grinch and I lost two of them, so they even out,” he said.

Rob Cook and his nephew Michael Egan, 15, are preparing their Havertown home for Christmas. (PETE BANNAN – DAILY SCHEDULES)

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