Tips to Simplify Life and Save

Look carefully at everything you have at home. Do you need all this furniture, various crockery, so many books you will never read, and closets that are packed with clothes that no longer suit you? Shatter ! Get rid of what you do not need.

Free yourself from the attachment you can feel to certain things and rationally assess whether these things are so important. You can sell them on the internet at sites for buying and selling used products or donating them to charities. By getting rid of the mess you have at home, you save money on the maintenance of these things and waste less time with cleaning and tidying up.


Think Before You Buy

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Do not make impulse purchases. Think before you buy anything. Do you really need this thing? Is there no other way to get it, borrowing, renting, buying second-hand or replacing with another?

If you are really determined to make the purchase, wait at least 15 days – after that time, you may have forgotten what you wanted.

The same applies to grocery shopping. Make a shopping list and buy only what is on the list. Go on a full stomach shopping – it is proven that hungry shopper ends up buying things that he does not need …


Have Brewer Behaviors

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Get “green” habits. For example, walk more; evaluate the car’s need for short trips. Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins. Enjoy the water left in the cups or the cold water from the shower to water the plants or the toilet.

Stick to electronic invoices. Read newspapers and magazines online. Replace bulbs in your home with low-energy bulbs or LEDs. Dry clothing in air. Take full advantage of the potential of public libraries. Look for free cultural and sports activities in your locality.

These green behaviors, besides simplifying life, allow savings at the end of the month .

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